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What is LYCRA® fiber ? An essential part of every life

LYCRA® Brand LogoYour clothing needs may vary throughout the day and night but the foundation for your style does not. For those who seek freedom of movement and superior fit, that foundation is the LYCRA® brand.  LYCRA® Fiber blends into fabrics so clothes can move freely, fit your body better and hold up longer.  As versatile as your style needs are, LYCRA® Fiber works in any piece of clothing to give you the freedom to go on with your life with one less worry.  Add a touch of quality to your life and style.  


What is LYCRA® fiber?


Looking good should go hand-in-hand with feeling good. Don’t compromise on comfort when shopping for the clothes that compliment your style. LYCRA® brand has the answer – a unique fiber technology to make sure your favorite garments are more comfortable than ever. There’s nothing more extraordinary than fashion that feels as fabulous as it looks.

What is LYCRA® fiber?


Everyone has a unique body shape but you should expect your clothes to fit you and follow the curves of your body.  Comfort, freedom and movement are the foundation behind the LYCRA® brand.  Fabrics are more flexible making the perfect fit easier to find. Spend less time in the dressing room and more time living life. Look for the LYCRA® brand to make sure your fit is just right and stays that way.

What is LYCRA® fiber?


You don’t let life happen to you; you go out and grab it. While you’re jumping over hurdles and through hoops, choose a fabric that will do the same. LYCRA® Fiber technology stays with you as you move, and springs back when you stay still.  With bi-directional stretch, excellent recovery and added comfort, you have the freedom to move anywhere and anyway you like.

  • Comfort
  • FIT
  • Movement