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Sport is more than an activity. It’s a lifestyle.

LYCRA® Sport LogoYour sports activity must fit into your life, not only keep you fit. That’s why the LYCRA® SPORT brand is designed for the weekend warriors and the seven-days-a-week workout fanatics alike, ensuring your gear has the proven LYCRA® fiber stretch and top performing fabrics. This technology provides optimal compression during workouts when you need muscle recovery and freedom of movement the most. Meet your new favorite workout partner.


Competitive Athletes

Exercising is not your hobby and fabric isn’t ours. We apply the same dedication to our sportswear as you do to your routine. And as you know, the win is always worth the effort. Through developing the LYCRA® SPORT brand we conquered compression and getting it just right feels pretty good. Our fiber technology is specially formulated to give you the freedom you need in your workout. What will you conquer with the LYCRA® SPORT brand?


Athletic & leisure

Let’s be honest. You’re not only wearing your gym clothes to the gym. Sometimes it’s the elliptical on your agenda, other times it’s a long list of errands. Sportswear made with LYCRA® SPORT fiber gives you the freedom to do whatever is your plan for the day with a smooth, close fit that’s incredibly comfortable. Its shaping technologies lift and sculpt every curve, making it the obvious choice for conquering the treadmill or the grocery aisles. Why limit high-tech fashion to the gym?



A workout isn’t a workout unless you can track your distance, pace, calories burned, and any other measurement scientists think of between now and the next time you grab your gear. Here’s something you don’t have to track: your workout gear with LYCRA® SPORT fiber technology. It gives you the freedom to move comfortably while you strive to be your best, healthy self. And with long-lasting fit and recovery, you can go that little bit extra all while your clothes look and feel brand new.

  • Competitive Athletes
  • Athletic & leisure
  • Active/Performance