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LYCRA® fiber Men Activewear

Stretch Your Performance

Amateur or pro there is no greater satisfaction than going that extra bit further than the last time. Every move you make takes you one step further, and you don’t want anything holding you back. So choose activewear designed to move with you. Flexible and resilient, the LYCRA® brand offers technology solutions to help you maintain both your performance and your style. 

Men Activewear


One Sport Is Never Enough

Running, biking, shooting hoops, or jumping in a quick pickup soccer game, you’re always on the move in your shorts. From field, to court, to street and back again, you push your body to the limit all in the name of friendly—and maybe not so friendly—competition. Engineered with the multi-sport athlete in mind, shorts made with LYCRA® SPORT fiber provides freedom of movement, while keeping their shape big game after big game.

Men Activewear

Shirts and Jerseys

The Team Secret

Jerseys aren’t something you throw on; they’re something you wear with pride. And if your team spirit doesn’t fade then why should your jersey? Look for the shirts and jerseys made with LYCRA® brand technologies to retain your garments’ shape, fit and color. Because each time you represent your team, it should be to the fullest.

Men Activewear

Jackets and Warm-Ups

Pre-Game Wins Matter

The warm-up may not be the main event, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less than best. Transition your pre-game practice moves into your signature go-to plays wearing apparel made with LYCRA® fiber technology designed to get you there. With a better fit, more comfort and freedom of movement you can stay comfortable when you’re training and when you’re not.

Men Activewear

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

So Good You Can Live In It

Casual wear has never been this comfortable or stylish. LYCRA® fiber options now give you enhanced stretch, so you’ll have a full range of movement whether you’re sprinting down the track, or just hanging out with your friends. And, with products that offer durability and color retention you can now get that worn-in feeling without the worn-out look. Choose comfort and the freedom to wear whatever you want to wear.

  • Shorts
  • Shirts and Jerseys
  • Jackets and Warm-Ups
  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies