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Winning At The Base Level

Every athlete and non-athlete knows that what you put directly on your skin makes all the difference. Base layer with LYCRA® fiber works like a second skin comfortably, supporting your body, so you can push your muscles farther than you ever thought they could go. If you want to win, choose garments with a base fiber for winners.

Base Layer


Tights Without The Fight

Tights should make your blood flow and body pump yet give you enough freedom for ultimate comfort and movement. That’s why the LYCRA® brand has developed solutions specifically for your active lifestyle, combining the proven LYCRA® fiber stretch with standards that deliver on fit and freedom of movement .  With fiber technology that moves in any direction you do, life won’t pass you by and neither will the competition.  Fight the terrain, not your tights.

Base Layer

Compression Shorts

Recover Like A Pro

It isn’t just about reaching your goal; during every game you’re thinking of the next win and you need apparel that can prepare you, not trap you on the sidelines. For the man who cares about winning the entire season, there’s the LYCRA® SPORT brand. Our branded performance fabric in garments like compression shorts is designed for sporting activities that require muscle support and freedom of movement, while remaining lightweight and breathable. Ready to keep winning?

Base Layer

Compression Tops

Move To The Top

Another lap. Another rep. Another minute. Good enough isn’t enough if you want to win. Equipped to take you beyond your goals, compression tops engineered with LYCRA® SPORT brand can offer freedom of movement and recovery, particularly when you need support for muscles to go the extra mile. And, once you surpass goal after goal, these tops will still offer the same comfort and fit as the first time you wore them.

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