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Swim Freely. It’s About Time

Your boss may be stiff when it comes to vacation days but there’s no reason your swimwear should be. Fabric made with LYCRA® fiber moves with you and as freely as you do, from the hotel pool to the ocean. With properties that make it resistant to chlorine and salt, even long exposure doesn’t leave your suit feeling starched and stiff. Now you have the freedom to dive in without looking back.


Performance Swimwear

Your Jam, Our Tune

There are those who go to the pool to play and those that go to work. You are the latter. Every lap serves as an opportunity to strengthen your stroke and shave seconds off your time. Developed for the swimmer who refuses to settle, jammers with LYCRA® fiber contour to your muscles offering the support you need to cut through the water faster. Superior flexibility and recovery ensures these jammers will never let you down no matter how many races you put them through. So, head to the starting blocks. It’s time to jam.


Swim Shirts & Rashguards

Stomp That Set

You’re going to need everything you can get if you want to win this fight. With shirts and rashguards made with this technology you’ll be ready to battle the waves and get the protective layer you need without sacrificing any freedom of movement. Plus LYCRA® fiber is made for comfort and durability, to withstand the harshest abuse from diehard thrashers. Surf’s up.


Board Shorts & Swim Trunks

Underwater Protection

The water is calling. It’s time for you to answer. When it comes to choosing your swim briefs or trunks, choose ones with the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ brand.  With this unique technology your suit’s fit will last up to ten times longer in the pool. And, it will protect against degradation that can result from elements such as chlorine, heat and sweat.  So now your suit will keep its form while you can focus on yours, swim after swim.


Swim briefs

When you leave the ledge you need swim briefs that are going to move with you. Into the water, through the pool and back again. Whether it’s for performance, fitness or just active recreation, your pool time requires preparation  — and that includes the right swimwear. The best briefs have shape retention, chlorine resistance, and stretch that goes where you go. Isn’t it time you discover that perfect go-for-the-gold brief?

  • Performance Swimwear
  • Swim Shirts & Rashguards
  • Board Shorts & Swim Trunks
  • Swim briefs