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Science Trumps Luck

This is an area where great fit that allows freedom of movement really makes a difference. Underwear made with LYCRA® fiber is designed to enhance your movement and deliver extra comfort all the while maintaining the right fit. So, let the other guys have their lucky underwear. You’ve got science on your side.


Briefs and Boxers

Think Outside The Boxer

The time old question: boxers or briefs? It used to mean having a preference between breezy or extra tight. But with the variety of LYCRA® brand technologies available, you no longer have to choose. It offers fibers to make garments smoother, more comfortable with staying power that won’t leave you hanging. So don’t be stuck being a boxer or a brief man; make an easier choice with LYCRA® fiber.



One Giant Leap For Mankind

You take thousands of steps a day. You need socks that can stand up to every single one of them. Equipped to stretch and conform to your foot, socks with LYCRA® brand technology provide a premium fit that lasts. Go farther than you ever thought possible in a sock engineered to feel brand new when you get there.


Men Shapewear

Shape Your Life

If technology could make you look slimmer, feel tighter, add support and increase your confidence, would you choose it? Don’t settle for boxy, bulky, shapeless undergarments. You deserve better for your physique and superior engineering can make all the difference. The LYCRA® BEAUTY brand is committed to bringing you fiber innovations for extra support, style and comfort in places where it’s needed the most. Look your absolute best while feeling your best, too.

  • Briefs and Boxers
  • Socks
  • Men Shapewear