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Stretch For The Stars

You break barriers; shatter glass ceilings; defy conventions; and go the extra mile, or two, or ten. For all the roles you redefine, you need fashion that will move with you every step of the way. LYCRA® fiber with enhanced comfort and freedom gives you more flexibility to live the life you want. So whether it’s at work, the gym or home, don’t settle for lesser quality in your life, or in your wardrobe, to get you there.



Support Isn’t a Stretch

Choose a bra that supports you in in that dress with the plunging neckline and controls the bounce when you’re running for the bus.  With the strength, flexibility and stretch recovery of LYCRA® fiber, you can rest assured that your bra is constructed to give you the freedom to move without compromising on comfort.  Whatever life throws your way – your bra will be there to support you.



Master The Little Things

Tired of your panties binding, bunching, digging in or riding up?  We bet you are.  Take on all the little annoyances of life, beginning with your underwear.  We’re not talking about hip huggers vs. thongs.  We’re talking about a secret ingredient that keeps it all together.  LYCRA® fiber is designed not only to keep your panties fitting better, but also to maintain their shape longer.  So you can keep living by the seat of your pants, not your panties.



This secret stays between us

Don’t think about shapewear as your granny’s girdle.  It’s more like your best girlfriend who’s comfortable to be around and keeps all your secrets.  With modern-day shapewear that meets the LYCRA® BEAUTY brand standards, you don’t have to compromise between comfort and control.  Get in on the little secret that is spreading like fire and try comfortable shapewear with LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber.  Feel what it’s like to move through the world with confidence.



Luxury you can enjoy every day

Your lingerie collection is a little gift of luxury to give yourself.  Wearing a little sexy something, makes you feel more confident and feminine.  To experience the ultimate combination of sexy and comfortable, choose lingerie with the LYCRA® fiber brand.  You can be assured of a superior fit with long-lasting quality, so your little luxury can be an everyday thing. 



Instagram Worthy

This is not your grandma’s pantyhose. It’s hosiery blended with LYCRA®  fiber for smoothing, sculpting and an overall better fit. It features softer waistbands that smooth lines and reduce pinching at the waist. Add technology from the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ brand and you get run-resistant fibers to help prevent scratches from turning into runs. This is the hosiery of today. No filter needed.



Made Famous By You

Leggings are no longer your lazy day staple — they’re your casual Friday constant, your go-to gym pant, and everything in-between. With all that wear and tear, you are going to need quality leggings that hold and recover. Let the LYCRA® brand help you out. Our technology will provide the support and contouring you need to move throughout the day and night. Leggings every day of the week? Sure, why not?



Nowadays fashion-forward designers even show sporty socks worn with sexy high-heels. Usually you might wear them with sneakers, casualwear, jeans and trousers. Available in an ever expanding range of styles, patterns and textures, from short sneaker socks to over-the-knees, for business, sports, home and even bed LYCRA® fiber provides the solution for premium fit and comfort, helps them retain their shape und makes them stay in place all day long.



No More Restrictions

When you choose tights made with LYCRA® fiber you can say goodbye to that restricted feeling and let your true style shine. This unique technology ensures your tights will fit smoothly and seamlessly, and can even help keep colors bright wear after wear. So go ahead and give your looks the extra accents that will lift them out of the ordinary, with the brand that will stand the test of time, and trends.


Sports Bras

Good Vibrations

Choosing the right sports bra is perhaps the most daunting part of the pre-workout routine. Choose the right one and you can glide through a workout. Choose the wrong one and it can be a source of restriction and pain. Don’t commit to a workout only to be limited by your bra. Look for sports bras with LYCRA® technology for superior comfort, smoothing and less pinching. There’s nothing wrong with a little help to cross that finish line comfortably.



Back It Up

Now you can squat lower and lunge longer knowing your fabric can accept the challenge. Engineered for the weekend warrior and the seven-days-a-week sports fanatic, the LYCRA® SPORT brand gives you the freedom to move and stretch while providing the right amount of control when you need it. From the brand that always has your back.



Come Out On Top

Say bye-bye to that basic cotton t-shirt. You need something a little more high-tech for your workouts. Step into the action with t-shirts constructed with LYCRA® SPORT fiber. Tops give you flexibility without sacrificing durability or comfort. So put that old t-shirt away, and put on something that puts you on top.


Yoga Pants

Strike A Pose

Mastering a yoga pose comes with its challenges. Ensuring your yoga pants move with you should not be one of them. LYCRA® SPORT brand fiber stretches to support your every pose and it’s superior recovery technology prevents your yoga bottoms from losing their shape and strength. Now whether you like it hot or prefer a light vinyassa, you will be able to flow easily from chaturanga to downward dog without restriction.


Base Layer

A Second Skin For The Win

Your first layer should function as a second skin. It can’t do that without freedom of movement, superior fit, optimal compression, and comfort. The LYCRA® brand equips garments with the right tools to deliver fit and comfort, helping  you get the most out of your workouts. And the built-in lasting recovery means when you pick yourself back up, your base layer will do the same. 



Your new BFF – Best Fit Forever

Your favorite pair of jeans should support you no matter what, right? It’s those jeans that refuse to stretch out, that move with you, that make you feel slimmer as your confidence gets higher. It’s those jeans with LYCRA® fiber technology engineered to withstand distress and anything else life throws at you. From a brand that has always had your back, try the latest LYCRA® brand innovations for a fabulous fit to your life and style.


Skirt and Shorts

Make Your Moves

Making moves at work requires a killer fitting skirt. And for weekends you like to switch to comfortable shorts. No one knows your work and play needs better than the LYCRA® brand. From the company that has supported your movement for decades, LYCRA® fiber continues to innovate in stretch, comfort, and fit. So no matter what type of moves you’re making, your style can go with you.



Not All Dresses Were Created Equal

A dress that fits perfectly in the morning but sags and loses its shape by evening is set to disappoint you, and will guarantee its place in the back of your closet.  Keep all your dresses in the forefront of your style choices with the LYCRA® brand, the secret ingredient to a long lasting fit, wear after wear, wash after wash.



Who's wearing the pants here?

While you love the skirts in your closet, pants are your go-to-staple. You wear them to the office, or when you are running errands, when you're strolling in the park or on an evening out. All the more reason to look for trousers that can last and keep their shape throughout the day. LYCRA® fiber has excellent stretch and recovery for comfort and high performance for durability, so you know your pants will fit you as well by evening as they did in the morning. No saggy pants for you!



Numero Uno In Swimwear

You’ll shop high and low to find that flawless one piece. But, before you do, you need to know what to look for. LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber technology can provide a longer lasting fit and protection against chlorine, sunscreen, heat, and more. LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber adds smoothing and sculpting to the LYCRA® brand promise of comfort, style, and quality. Keep your one piece in one piece and make this your number one summer.



Don’t Cover Up Your Confidence

Why shouldn’t beachwear be just as flattering as swimwear? Cover-ups should let you move with confidence while still doing the things you love. With superior freedom of movement and durability you can walk barefoot along the shoreline, enjoy a breezy lunch at an outdoor café, or parasail through the sky — all in a garment that maintains its quality and style.




Have you ever considered how much a bikini has to tackle every summer? From waves and salty water, to chlorine, sun and oily sunscreens. Your bikini’s secret ally on all these battles will be the LYCRA® brand, delivering lasting fit and durability. So no matter how small it is, you can ensure that your bikini stays strong throughout the season.


Swim Shirts and Rashguards

Catching Waves That Last

Fearlessly chasing the waves can give you and your rashguards a beating. You need shirts and rashguards that are durable, lightweight, and flexible, and that can withstand the elements.  That’s why you should look for ones made with LYCRA® brand technology. Our commitment to quality innovation and your commitment to catching that wave make the perfect combination.


Performance Swimwear

Don’t get weighed down in the water by heavy fabrics. The LYCRA® Brand is the secret to swimwear that is supportive as ever while lighter than ever before. Combined with fiber technology that offers better shape retention and a longer lasting fit, performance swimwear has undergone a makeover that goes way beyond the surface. Because while looking good matters – we all know it’s what’s inside that counts.



Say goodbye to compromise and hello to wearing a two-piece the way you want it — stylish and slimming. From the experts in fiber technology, tankinis made with LYCRA® Fiber has the shaping benefits and support of a one-piece with the freedom of a bikini. And because you are looking for fit that will stay true to its form, look also for the LYCRA® brand name. So go ahead and make a splash.