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Stretch Your Limits

Don’t lose your focus, knowing what you’re wearing will never get between you and your workout.

The LYCRA® SPORT brand is designed to deliver fit and movement specifically for sporting activities. Whether you want to score one more goal, stretch that yoga pose a little further, or tackle two more miles, activewear with this technology will support you  all the way. 


Sports Bras

Good Vibrations

Choosing the right sports bra is perhaps the most daunting part of the pre-workout routine. Choose the right one and you can glide through a workout. Choose the wrong one and it can be a source of restriction and pain. Don’t commit to a workout only to be limited by your bra. Look for sports bras with LYCRA® technology for superior comfort, smoothing and less pinching. There’s nothing wrong with a little help to cross that finish line comfortably.



Back It Up

Now you can squat lower and lunge longer knowing your fabric can accept the challenge. Engineered for the weekend warrior and the seven-days-a-week sports fanatic, the LYCRA® SPORT brand gives you the freedom to move and stretch while providing the right amount of control when you need it. From the brand that always has your back.



Come Out On Top

Say bye-bye to that basic cotton t-shirt. You need something a little more high-tech for your workouts. Step into the action with t-shirts constructed with LYCRA® SPORT fiber. Tops give you flexibility without sacrificing durability or comfort. So put that old t-shirt away, and put on something that puts you on top.


Yoga Pants

Strike A Pose

Mastering a yoga pose comes with its challenges. Ensuring your yoga pants move with you should not be one of them. LYCRA® SPORT brand fiber stretches to support your every pose and it’s superior recovery technology prevents your yoga bottoms from losing their shape and strength. Now whether you like it hot or prefer a light vinyassa, you will be able to flow easily from chaturanga to downward dog without restriction.


Base Layer

A Second Skin For The Win

Your first layer should function as a second skin. It can’t do that without freedom of movement, superior fit, optimal compression, and comfort. The LYCRA® brand equips garments with the right tools to deliver fit and comfort, helping  you get the most out of your workouts. And the built-in lasting recovery means when you pick yourself back up, your base layer will do the same. 

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