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Confidence is sexy…wear it daily.

Every woman knows the importance of finding the right foundation. Your intimates are the base of your wardrobe and the core of your confidence.  To master both, find intimates made with LYCRA®fiber. It’s designed to comfortably hug your curves for a more flawless fit and smoother silhouette no matter what you wear – or don’t.



Support Isn’t a Stretch

Choose a bra that supports you in in that dress with the plunging neckline and controls the bounce when you’re running for the bus.  With the strength, flexibility and stretch recovery of LYCRA® fiber, you can rest assured that your bra is constructed to give you the freedom to move without compromising on comfort.  Whatever life throws your way – your bra will be there to support you.



Master The Little Things

Tired of your panties binding, bunching, digging in or riding up?  We bet you are.  Take on all the little annoyances of life, beginning with your underwear.  We’re not talking about hip huggers vs. thongs.  We’re talking about a secret ingredient that keeps it all together.  LYCRA® fiber is designed not only to keep your panties fitting better, but also to maintain their shape longer.  So you can keep living by the seat of your pants, not your panties.



This secret stays between us

Don’t think about shapewear as your granny’s girdle.  It’s more like your best girlfriend who’s comfortable to be around and keeps all your secrets.  With modern-day shapewear that meets the LYCRA® BEAUTY brand standards, you don’t have to compromise between comfort and control.  Get in on the little secret that is spreading like fire and try comfortable shapewear with LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber.  Feel what it’s like to move through the world with confidence.



Luxury you can enjoy every day

Your lingerie collection is a little gift of luxury to give yourself.  Wearing a little sexy something, makes you feel more confident and feminine.  To experience the ultimate combination of sexy and comfortable, choose lingerie with the LYCRA® fiber brand.  You can be assured of a superior fit with long-lasting quality, so your little luxury can be an everyday thing. 

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