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Legs For Days

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, or catwalking to your own beat, your legs will always be center stage. That’s why the LYCRA® brand provides a variety of innovations to help support your greatest asset from hip to toe. From comfortable sculpting, to run-resistant pantyhose and invigorating compression, there is a LYCRA® brand solution your legs will love. You don’t need to be a supermodel to have killer legs like this.


Instagram Worthy

This is not your grandma’s pantyhose. It’s hosiery blended with LYCRA®  fiber for smoothing, sculpting and an overall better fit. It features softer waistbands that smooth lines and reduce pinching at the waist. Add technology from the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ brand and you get run-resistant fibers to help prevent scratches from turning into runs. This is the hosiery of today. No filter needed.


Made Famous By You

Leggings are no longer your lazy day staple — they’re your casual Friday constant, your go-to gym pant, and everything in-between. With all that wear and tear, you are going to need quality leggings that hold and recover. Let the LYCRA® brand help you out. Our technology will provide the support and contouring you need to move throughout the day and night. Leggings every day of the week? Sure, why not?


Nowadays fashion-forward designers even show sporty socks worn with sexy high-heels. Usually you might wear them with sneakers, casualwear, jeans and trousers. Available in an ever expanding range of styles, patterns and textures, from short sneaker socks to over-the-knees, for business, sports, home and even bed LYCRA® fiber provides the solution for premium fit and comfort, helps them retain their shape und makes them stay in place all day long.


No More Restrictions

When you choose tights made with LYCRA® fiber you can say goodbye to that restricted feeling and let your true style shine. This unique technology ensures your tights will fit smoothly and seamlessly, and can even help keep colors bright wear after wear. So go ahead and give your looks the extra accents that will lift them out of the ordinary, with the brand that will stand the test of time, and trends.

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