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Ready to Wear

Ready To Conquer

Your clothes should be a reflection of you. They should fit your body perfectly in all the right places, and display the best version of yourself to the world day after day. LYCRA® brand technology – globally recognized for decades of innovation in movement - will stretch, contour, and support you inch for inch in any and every situation life throws at you. Once you’ve mastered your look, mastering the world won’t be too far behind.

Ready to Wear


Your new BFF – Best Fit Forever

Your favorite pair of jeans should support you no matter what, right? It’s those jeans that refuse to stretch out, that move with you, that make you feel slimmer as your confidence gets higher. It’s those jeans with LYCRA® fiber technology engineered to withstand distress and anything else life throws at you. From a brand that has always had your back, try the latest LYCRA® brand innovations for a fabulous fit to your life and style.

Ready to Wear

Skirt and Shorts

Make Your Moves

Making moves at work requires a killer fitting skirt. And for weekends you like to switch to comfortable shorts. No one knows your work and play needs better than the LYCRA® brand. From the company that has supported your movement for decades, LYCRA® fiber continues to innovate in stretch, comfort, and fit. So no matter what type of moves you’re making, your style can go with you.

Ready to Wear


Not All Dresses Were Created Equal

A dress that fits perfectly in the morning but sags and loses its shape by evening is set to disappoint you, and will guarantee its place in the back of your closet.  Keep all your dresses in the forefront of your style choices with the LYCRA® brand, the secret ingredient to a long lasting fit, wear after wear, wash after wash.

Ready to Wear


Who's wearing the pants here?

While you love the skirts in your closet, pants are your go-to-staple. You wear them to the office, or when you are running errands, when you're strolling in the park or on an evening out. All the more reason to look for trousers that can last and keep their shape throughout the day. LYCRA® fiber has excellent stretch and recovery for comfort and high performance for durability, so you know your pants will fit you as well by evening as they did in the morning. No saggy pants for you!

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