At the forefront of fashion.

Leading designers claim fabric innovation to be their most fundamental inspiration as they strive to make garments with the flexibility and high performance values needed to match the lifestyle of the twenty-first century consumer.

People today expect more from their clothes than style alone; market research highlights that comfort, ease of care, durability and lightness are all extremely important.

LYCRA®  fiber is a man-made elastane fiber. Never used alone, but always blended with other fibers, it has unique stretch and recovery properties. LYCRA®  fiber adds comfort, fit, shape retention, durability and freedom of movement. This is achieved thanks to the unique properties of the fiber, which can be stretched up to seven times its initial length before springing back to the original position once tension is released.

Any natural or man-made fibers can be mixed with LYCRA®  fiber. Very small amounts of LYCRA®  fiber can transform the performance of a fabric – the amount of LYCRA®  fiber in a material can be as little as 2%. There are various ways of integrating LYCRA® fiber with other fibers to provide fabrics for all needs.

INVISTA carries out continual research and development in fiber technology. This is supported by an understanding of the market and ever changing fashion trends coupled with an awareness of developing consumers’ wants and needs.

Brand Values.
A fabric ingredient and not a fabric itself, the fact that the LYCRA® fiber brand is such a well-known name all over the world, bears testament to INVISTA's marketing efforts that boasts a global awareness of over 80%.  INVISTA's marketing for the LYCRA®  fiber brand focuses on key product values – LYCRA®  fiber represents comfort, fit, shape retention and freedom of movement.

Above all else, LYCRA®  fiber is the fashionable fiber that enhances fabrics and fashions, making consumers look better and feel better.

Plus, easy care and wrinkle resistance saves time, looks good, is practical, and promotes freedom and convenience.

Recent Developments.
INVISTA's commitment to innovation is evidenced in its prolific launch of new products. LYCRA® Black fiber, launched in September 2004, puts an end to the washed-out days of faded greys.

Swimwear manufacturers have been quick to incorporate Xtra Life LYCRA®  fiber into their swimwear products, appreciative of the fact that it makes materials incredibly chlorine resistant and lasting-fit. The Xtra Life LYCRA®  fiber brand is now even expanding to sweater for low power yarn patented technology that lets sweaters feel soft and look new for a longer period of time.

In 2007, INVISTA launched new innovations that deliver pampering and freshness benefits in garments: the LYCRA® freshFX® fabric.

The launch of LYCRA® FREEF!T® fabric represents another significant development that re-engineers shirtings to satisfy increasing consumer demand for staying cool and comfortable fit.

LYCRA®  fiber was invented in 1958 by a team of scientists, originally as a replacement for rubber in corsetry. Before LYCRA®  fiber was invented, consumers endured saggy, baggy, stretched and bunched clothes. But when the DuPont scientist Joe Shiver perfected a revolutionary new fiber – code named K, that all changed.

1960s - In the 1960s, LYCRA® fiber revolutionised the way in which fabrics could be used. In beachwear it replaced thick and heavy swimsuits with light, quick-drying garments like the bikini. In 1968, the medal-winning French Olympic ski team became the first high-profile sports personalities to wear ski suits with LYCRA® fiber – a trend that soon spread to other sports. By 1972 Olympic swimmers swore by the sleek, lightweight suits with LYCRA® fiber.

1970s - In the 1970s, the brand fiber started to make an impact on the fashion scene, as disco fever and interest in fitness made leggings and figure-hugging leotards the look of the moment. Leggings and body-hugging jeans with LYCRA® fiber are among the defining looks of the decade.

1980s - By the mid 1980s, over half of all women’s hosiery and underwear relied on LYCRA® fiber for a close, comfortable fit.

1990s - During the 1990s, the LYCRA® fiber brand position in the sports market strengthened through the development of hi-tech fibers such as LYCRA®  Power®  fabric in compression shorts which help reduce athletes' muscle fatigue. This decade also saw the rising popularity of the fiber not just in women’s fashion but in men’s too.

2000s - The LYCRA® fiber brand is continuously evolving to create value and inspire new product experience for consumers.  In 2004, The LYCRA® fiber brand expands beyond apparel with licensing partner Coty, Inc., introducing "Rimmel LYCRA® Wear", a shock-resistant nail polish with LYCRA® fiber products in liquid form.  Other recent innovations including Xtra Life LYCRA® fiber that delivers the new fit promise for swimwear and sweater, XFIT LYCRA® fabric that sets the new standards of multidimensional fit and comfort in denim, LYCRA® FREEF!T® fabric that reengineers shirting by improving flexibility while maintaining shape and LYCRA ®freshFX® fabric for all day freshness.   

LYCRA®, XFIT LYCRA®, FREEF!T® and freshFX® are trademarks of INVISTA.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.