LYCRA® dualFX® fabrics

Super Stretch, Super Shape

LYCRA® dualFX® fabrics were created by the integration of LYCRA® fiber and LYCRA® T400® fiber within a single fabric for extra stretch and, most importantly, extra recovery.

This “combination technology” meets the needs of both consumers and producers for comfortable super-stretch jeans that minimize the level of constraint against the body while retaining their shape and fit over time. These benefits are possible thanks to the high stretch of LYCRA® fiber and the excellent recovery power and low shrinkage of LYCRA® T400® fiber.

The benefits of LYCRA® dualFX® fabrics are:

  • High stretch
  • High recovery
  • Low growth
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Technical Background
LYCRA® dualFX® fabrics are made with composite yarns such as core-spun, air-jet covered or single-covered yarns and in a variety of ways:

  • LYCRA® fiber and LYCRA® T400® fiber can be core-spun with cotton.
  • Both fibers can be air intermingled or twisted together to make a covered yarn.
  • This covered yarn can also be core-spun with cotton.

INVISTA has developed LYCRA® dualFX® fabrics hangtags for garments made from LYCRA® dualFX® fabrics, which can be ordered at The LYCRA® dualFX® fabric logo can be used for promotional materials on condition that the guidelines for proper brand usage are met, and that approval of INVISTA has been granted.

For more information, please download the LYCRA® dualFX® fabric brochure, contact your INVISTA representative, or send an e-mail to

LYCRA®, T400® and dualFX® are trademarks of INVISTA.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.