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Personal Care

Source Innovative Delivery Technologies

In addition to continuously improving our range of fibers for personal care products, we also focus on providing solutions for the challenges diaper manufacturers face.

We are pleased to offer our customers two unique innovations from BTSR S.p.A. and Mesdan that significantly increase diaper line efficiency and productivity.

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A Fitting Legacy

As a global leader in the personal care industry, the LYCRA HyFit® brand draws from a strong legacy of invention, ingenuity and innovation, applying unique technical expertise to fibers and polymers. It’s no wonder that, as the owner and marketer of the LYCRA® brand, we enjoy nearly 90% consumer awareness among key target audiences in markets around the world.

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Our Global Product Offering

T837 LYCRA HyFit® fiber

T837 LYCRA HyFit® fiber is better fiber technology. It’s unique formulation delivers excellent performance and reduced package tackiness without a negative impact on creep performance.

T868 LYCRA EnviroFit fiber

We’re taking bolder new approaches with LYCRA EnviroFit fiber. This unique new polymer enables a reduction in fiber weight while maintaining overall end-product performance and quality.

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Committed to a Smaller Footprint

Our company’s vision is to create long-term value for society through the beneficial application of science, sound environmental practices, efficient use of resources and by safeguarding the health and welfare of employees and users of our products.

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Your Worldwide Business Resource Within Reach.

With manufacturing facilities around the globe, we can provide our customers with local service and attention from a knowledgeable, approachable and experienced team.

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