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Welcome to the World of On-Demand Sourcing and Project Planning


Join the LYCRA ONE™ Marketplace, your on-demand project platform, and discover a new way of working. With 24/7 access, you can source certified LYCRA® fabrics from a global network of mills, research and learn about new  innovations, save and share fabric selections with your team.

And the best part, it's free.

Hang Tags: A Sign of Quality

LYCRA® brand hang tags are a shopper-friendly way to describe the performance benefits of your garments, which help support premium pricing.

When consumers see the LYCRA® brand name on your hang tags they can be sure that the fabric has been tested in our labs and approved to show that it contains genuine LYCRA® fiber.

Browse our selection of physical and virtual hang tags for clothing to find the right brand and size for your garment or collection.


Garment Letters: Protect Your Investment

Showcase the value of your collections and make your customs process more efficient by certifying that your fabrics and garments contain genuine LYCRA® fibers.

Our proprietary garment letter registration process provides certification that verifies The LYCRA Company’s third-party labs have tested the requested samples and they passed the brand standard specifications listed in detail on the documentation.

LYCRA® Brand Worldwide Recognition

  • 71%
    of consumers are willing to pay more for clothing with LYCRA® fiber
  • 89%
    of customers worldwide are aware of the LYCRA® brand
  • 77%
    of consumers look at hang tags on garments when shopping for clothing

Trademark Agreements: Protect Your Investment

For over 60 Years, consumers have grown to trust our high standards and view the LYCRA® brand as a symbol of innovation and garment quality. Enhance your collections and increase sales by licensing to use LYCRA®, COOLMAX®, and the THERMOLITE® brand names on customized hang tags, fabric swatches, labels, logos and packaging.

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