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Denim Beauty on Ice

Posted on 28 Aug 2015

Denim Beauty on Ice

Denim is big business in China and it takes something special to cut through the clutter of a crowded marketplace.

How about a fashion show on ice?

That’s what the LYCRA® brand and international fashion brand ONLY served up in Beijing a few weeks ago when top skater Ye Yiquian swapped her normal costume for ONLY jeans.

The switch had no effect whatsoever on her breath-taking routine of twists, jumps and fluid patterns across the ice – a spectacular demonstration of the freedom of movement LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber brings to denim.

And she looked every bit as great as she obviously felt!

Ye is a LYCRA® Mover – one of a number of celebrities who bring the message of the LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ consumer brand campaign to life in China. She shares thoughts with followers on choosing the perfect pair of jeans – and why LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber for Denim cut the ice in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Beijing and other fashion hots spots around the world.