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Posted on 14 Sep 2015

LYCRA® BEAUTY branded denim and jeans for comfort, style and shaping

Every woman wants to look her personal best. And now jeans made with LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric can help you do just that.

These amazing jeans shape and sculpt your curves giving you a smooth, sexy and beautiful silhouette. But looking great is only half the story, with LYCRA® jeans you can feel great too.

LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics are based on a proprietary technology that measures how much force the fabric put to your body as well as the fabrics ability to shape and support. As you see here when wearing LYCRA® BEAUTY jeans our model feels only 20 grams of pressure on her body versus a pair of traditional stretch jeans which exert about 260 grams of pressure. By integrating thousands of data points, the makers of LYCRA® fiber developed a framework for evaluating both the comfort and shaping potential of a fabric using a combination of wear force testing, wearer feedback and body scanning. We can predict which fabrics will provide comfortable shaping.

Rather than feeling restricted, LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics have just the right balance of give and shaping power, leaving you free to move and go about your daily activities while looking great. The result is an amazingly looking flattering and comfortable pair of jeans that will quickly become your go to garment.

So look for the LYCRA® BEAUTY brand hangtag and experience the secret ingredient that can bring you comfort, style and confidence.