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Posted on 01 Dec 2015


With celebrities such as Rihanna jumping into the sock business, rocking trendy socks is all the rage. And no doubt this will be a big year for gifting socks with the variety of different patterns, colors and textures on shelves right now. But when you are shopping for that delightful pair to deliver a punch of style, how do you know if you buying something that will last? 

One of the ways to ensure quality is to look for the LYCRA® brand. Thanks to LYCRA® fiber you get socks that  - wait for it - don’t keep falling down! LYCRA® fiber also provides enhanced comfort, a perfect fit and better stretch and recovery. To top it off, you will be able to move more freely in your new stylish socks (wiggle those toes!). 
Retail brands from around the world like Japan’s Uniqlo and Spain’s Condor understand the importance of these benefits. Condor recently developed a weeklong marketing program to give visibility to the “invisible fiber that makes the difference”. The program highlighted LYCRA® fiber benefits in Condor's children's socks and leotards, and included in-store signage and giveaways. 
To find out more about the difference LYCRA® fiber can make in your socks, click here.  Make sure you look for the LYCRA® brand this holiday season!