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Filippo Pozzato wearing CARVICO’s new VITA fabric with LYCRA® SPORT technology

Posted on 18 Aug 2016

Cyclist Filippo Pozzato New Ambassador for VITA Fabric with LYCRA® SPORT Technology

Professional Italian Cycling Champion Filippo Pozzato is the brand ambassador for the new, next generation LYCRA® SPORT certified VITA fabric by CARVICO. He stars in the company’s “Strong Like Me” campaign, which promotes the launch of this innovative fabric to the cycling world.

A former winner of the Milan – Sanremo race, and a recent bronze medallist in the Italian National Championships, Pozzato agreed to field test this new high-tech fabric for CARVICO. He wore prototype cycling apparel during three months of intensive training in all types of weather. At the end of testing, which included daily washing and drying at high temperatures, his garments still looked like new and retained their original shape and compression strength. The garments passed the real world test and earned his glowing endorsement:

“I always choose the best. That’s why I tested the new LYCRA® SPORT certified VITA fabric by CARVICO. I was already familiar with CARVICO’s high-tech fabrics and the performance offered by LYCRA® fiber, but trying out VITA was a fantastic discovery—total comfort and all-around muscle support. It’s a fabric that offers just the right level of compression and helps you improve your performance. It does a great job!”

Athletes are constantly pushing themselves to improve their performance, and increasingly, they are relying on high-tech clothing to accomplish this. If you are a professional athlete, or simply someone trying to achieve their personal best, look for garments featuring LYCRA® SPORT technology to help power your performance.

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