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Posted on 08 Dec 2016

See how LYCRA® MOVES™ Lingerie in window display contest

If you live in Germany, you might have noticed a common theme in store windows as you shopped for lingerie. Eighty-six intimate apparel retailers across the country—from small independent shops to major stores—are currently participating in a window display contest sponsored by LYCRA® fiber. The theme of the contest is, “With LYCRA®, you have a winning hand.”

The award-winning window display must creatively use supplied LYCRA® branded props and clearly communicate the unique benefits that LYCRA® fiber adds to intimate apparel, including: a long-lasting, perfect fit; comfort; and freedom of movement. Five nominees will be announced before the winner is awarded a special trophy at the prestigious Sterne der Wäsche gala in February 2017.

Be sure to pick up a free copy of “Mit LYCRA® kann man nur gewinnen!” wherever you see the special LYCRA® window display, or click here for a downloadable copy. It features useful shopping tips and explains what LYCRA® fiber is, how and where it is used in intimate apparel, and why it’s important to look for the LYCRA® logo or hangtag when you shop.

You can also learn more about how LYCRA® MOVES™ LINGERIE in a special “Hello Lingerie Lovers” section in the 3 November 2016 issue of PETRA magazine. 

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