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Posted on 13 Jan 2017

HOLLISTER’s New Advanced Stretch Jeans Feature LYCRA® Fiber and COOLMAX® ALL SEASON Technology for Year-Round Comfort

Just when you thought your HOLLISTER jeans couldn’t get any better, the brand renowned for its effortless SoCal style is launching an update of its Advanced Stretch Jeans.  Now, with COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology, you can be comfortable in your jeans 365 days a year -- in the cold or in the heat.

These jeans take fibers originally created for activewear, and mix them with cotton to create real performance denim.  And best of all, these performance benefits come from the fiber structure, so they don’t wash out.

Jeans Designed to Weather All Kinds of Weather

COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology combines two different types of fibers to help keep you comfortable. One fiber moves moisture away from the body to help keep you cool and dry in warm temperatures while the other fiber has a hollow core that provides lightweight insulation for colder days. As an added bonus, HOLLISTER’s Advanced Stretch Jeans also contain LYCRA® fiber for a flexible, comfortable fit that lasts.

Connect with Us to Learn More

An exciting new social media campaign has been developed to spread the word about these amazing new jeans. Join in the fun by using the hashtag #HollisterCOOLMAX. Learn about the jeans, who’s wearing them, and what they’re saying about them on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (Spoiler alert: digital illusionist Zach King, shown above, loves the magic COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology bring to his denim.)

HOLLISTER’s Advanced Stretch Jeans are currently available in HOLLISTER stores and online.