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“The 79” underwear collection by Sloggi

Posted on 28 Aug 2019

Sloggi Celebrates 40 Years of True Comfort with “The ‘79” Underwear Collection

Sloggi is going BIG to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year. The innovative bodywear brand is paying tribute to its “Original Granny” pants roots with a new refreshingly modern line of maxi cut briefs called “The ’79.” The collection celebrates the brand’s uncompromising commitment to comfort and fit and offers a fresh interpretation of a classic look.

I Like Big Pants

A highlight of “The ‘79” product launch is a fun and highly shareable music video that celebrates the brand’s true comfort maxi brief heritage while promoting its new fashion direction. The “Granny Got Pants” video features a granny rapping fun new lyrics to the classic hip hop track “Baby Got Back.” To keep the retro theme going, “The ’79” line is creatively packaged in a box that looks like a vintage audio mixtape and features the LYCRA® logo to help drive sales.

“The 79” underwear collection by Sloggi

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Livin’ Large with LYCRA® Brand

Sloggi and LYCRA® brand are also celebrating 40 years of working together to deliver true comfort to underwear. If you’re interested in fiber innovations that stand the test of time and build consumer brand loyalty, contact your marketing manager today to learn how to pump up your underwear.

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