LYCRA sustainability

The LYCRA Company, owner of the LYCRA® brand, is committed to developing technologies and materials that enhance the performance of fabrics. At the same time, we approach our operations with a global, long-term perspective in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of our products and processes. We have committed to reducing our global energy intensity by 20% by 2020. To accomplish this goal, our sustainability program, Planet Agenda, has defined three main areas of focus:

  • MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE - Improve the manufacturing process by conserving resources, reducing emissions, and eliminating waste at manufacturing plants to minimize the environmental impact of fiber production.
  • PRODUCT SUSTAINABILITY - Offer competitive products that meet the needs of apparel markets using fewer resources and enhancing the environmental performance of fabrics.
  • CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY - Protect the health and safety of our workers and communities, and participate in local stewardship initiatives.

The LYCRA Company conducts regular audits to ensure performance targets are being met on its way to achieving its 2020 goal.

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