Trademarks Guidelines

LYCRA® is a globally registered trademark of The LYCRA Company and is a valuable asset that will be vigorously defended against piracy and improper usage that could damage the goodwill associated with our brand.

The trademark guidelines and links on this page are intended only for The LYCRA Company’s customers, including its garment manufacturers, their customers selling finished garments manufactured with authentic fiber from The LYCRA Company, authorized mills and licensees who are purchasing authentic fiber and fabric from our authorized mills.  Authentic fiber purchasers have the ability to use only those logos and trademarks of The LYCRA Company associated with the specific fiber purchased. Should your company require a logo file, our hangtags or wish to use your own bespoke hangtag/packaging, please contact

The LYCRA Company’s family of trademarks and logos can only be used in connection with genuine fiber and fabric from its authorized mills. 

You may not use The LYCRA Company’s word marks, logos, logotypes, icons, trade dress or other elements if you do not have a license from The LYCRA Company, are not purchasing authentic fiber or fabric from an authorized mill, are not purchasing finished garments from authorized manufacturers, or are not ordering hangtags through our Hangtag Order Program. 

  • Use of The LYCRA Company’s trademarks as part of your business name, social media account or on your business cards is prohibited.
  • Altering, animating or distorting The LYCRA Company’s trademarks is prohibited.

All of The LYCRA Company’s product trademarks and associated logos including LYCRA®, COOLMAX® , THERMOLITE® and ELASPAN® must be used in the following format:

  • Capitalize the trademark, always followed by the registration symbol ®
  • Our trademarks must always be followed by the appropriate generic name of either “Brand”, “Fiber”, “Fabric” or “Technology”, for example, LYCRA® fiber or COOLMAX® technology
  • Never hyphenate or abbreviate our trademarks
  • Include the trademark notice at least one place on your website or print collateral where our trademarks are used:
    • LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.

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