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As a company that has helped transform the textile industry over the years with several key innovations, our ambition is to continue to enhance life through innovative garment solutions. Thanks to our employees' talent, creativity, and relentless passion, we continue to rethink what’s possible. If you would like to join us on this journey and be part of iconic brand franchises like LYCRA®, COOLMAX®, and THERMOLITE®, we want to hear from you


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Brazil Equal Pay

The LYCRA Company does not tolerate any form of discrimination, including pay disparities between men and women occupying the same position. We are committed to maintaining transparent and equitable pay practices, in full compliance with the law and gender equality principles. Together, we build an environment where merit and equality are fundamental. For more information please download the Salary Transparency Report available in Portuguese language only.


Relatório de Transparencia Salarial

A The LYCRA Company não tolera qualquer forma de discriminação, incluindo disparidades salariais entre homens e mulheres ocupando a mesma posição. Estamos comprometidos em manter práticas salariais transparentes e equitativas, em total conformidade com a lei e os princípios de igualdade de gênero. Juntos, construímos um ambiente onde o mérito e a igualdade são fundamentais. Para mais informações, você pode fazer o download do Relatório de Transparência e Igualdade Salarial clicando no botão abaixo.

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