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Published on Jul 25, 2021  -  Shanghai, China
See the latest spandex fiber innovations and more from The LYCRA Company at Intertextile Shanghai, Hall 1.1 booth E51.
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The LYCRA Company has been an innovative apparel industry partner and collaborator for decades, building a reputation for developing the market-driven, consumer-centered solutions the world will need to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. At Intertextile Shanghai, we look forward to gathering industry stakeholders, inspiring them with our innovations and discussing how we can work on shaping a bright new future together.

Vincent Hu

President, APAC region

The LYCRA Company

Show Highlights

Intertextile Shanghai is the Asia-Pacific (APAC) launch pad for new LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber, “Keep In the Loop with LYCRA,” a global circularity initiative promoting sustainability, and the LYCRA ONE™ online customer portal that connects the value chain. There will also be an update on our revolutionary LYCRA® FitSense™ technology.

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How e-Commerce is Adapting to the Post-pandemic & Scaling Up

Performance fibers made from textile waste

COOLMAX® EcoMade technology and THERMOLITE® EcoMade technology now offer two sustainable options for cooling and warming performance. Choose fibers made from 100% recycled PET bottles or our latest solution made from textile scraps from the cutting room floor. Watch our video to learn more.

Discover LYCRA® FitSense™ technology

This revolutionary product features the same molecule as LYCRA® fiber, but in a water-based dispersion that can be screen-printed onto garments. LYCRA® FitSense™ technology offers lightweight, targeted support exactly where it’s needed. See how this solution can transform your collections in this video.


Discover the benefits of our new one-size-fits-more technology designed to offer a customized fit experience for different body shapes within a size. Potentially reduce SKUs and costly returns while increasing consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Visit LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber to learn more.

Explore the LYCRA ONE™ portal

You’ve made the smart choice to power your collection with fiber and technology solutions from The LYCRA Company, why not capture the most value possible by joining LYCRA ONE™? Sell or source fabrics in our marketplace, download sales tools and more! Sign up is fast and free, so join today.


The LYCRA Company pavilion features 22 co-exhibitors and has almost doubled the size of our Intertextile booth this year. Visit our customers (booth numbers):

  • Asia Socks Inc. (1.1-A65)
  • Changzhou Henglun Textile Co., Ltd. (1.1-A56)
  • Changzhou Yuyuan (1.1-A59)
  • Confoset Knitting (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. (1.1-B63)
  • Freedom Denim (1.1-E59)
  • Fujian Unitex Technology Co., Ltd. (1.1-A58)
  • Guangdong Charming Co., Ltd. (1.1-B61)
  • Guangdong Derun Textile Co., Ltd. (1.1-C60)
  • Guangdong Golden Horizon Industry Co., Ltd. (1.1-C51)
  • Libola Textile Co., Ltd. (1.1-C69)
  • Quanzhou Lianxingfa Knitting Co., Ltd. (1.1-A51)
  • Shanghai Hywell Fibre Industry Co., Ltd. (1.1-A64)
  • Shanghai Mingmao Industrial Co., Ltd. (1.1-B69)
  • Shanghai Press Garment Co., Ltd. (1.1-C66)
  • Shanghai Trend Textile Technology Co., Ltd.  /Ningbo Gongzhen Clothing Co., Ltd. (1.1-C65)
  • Shining Fabrics Co., Ltd. (1.1-A52)
  • Tian Hong Textiles Co., Ltd. (1.1-B55)
  • Wuxi Beeline Textile Technology Co., Ltd. (1.1-A70)
  • Wuxi Zhenxin Special Textile & Garments Co., Ltd. (1.1-A69)
  • Yadong Group Holdings Limited (1.1-A62)
  • Zhangzhou Weiyi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. (1.1-A63)
  • Zhejiang Dejun New Material Co., Ltd. (1.1-B64)
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