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Celebrate International Bikini Day with The LYCRA Company

Published on Jul 05, 2024
Every year on July 5th, we celebrate International Bikini Day, commemorating the anniversary of the introduction of the bikini in 1946 by French designer Louis Réard. This day honors the evolution of swimwear and celebrates the innovations that have made bikinis a staple for many.

Did you know that the original bikini dates to ancient Rome and Greece, where women wore bikini-like outfits for sports?

Fast forward to the early 20th century, when swimwear became chicer and sleeker, leading to two-piece suits during WWII because of fabric rationing.

Then in 1946 French designer Louis Réard made a big splash when he introduced the modern-day bikini, which initially caused quite a stir and faced bans.

The radical 1960s shook things up, with celebrities making the bikini a symbol of freedom and fun.

By the 70s and 80s, bikinis were everywhere, reflecting the era's fitness and fashion trends.

From the 90s until present day, it kept evolving with fresh and exciting designs. Nowadays, bikinis are all about fashion and function, and size-inclusion, ensuring everyone looks and feels fabulous!

The LYCRA® Fiber Difference

Since its inception, LYCRA® fiber has been synonymous with stretch, recovery, and durability.

These attributes have made it an essential component in the production of swimwear.

LYCRA® fiber's ability to stretch up to seven times its original length and return to its original shape ensures that swimwear made with it fits like a second skin, providing comfort and confidence to wearers.


Make a Splash in Your Swimwear Collections

Some of the most popular LYCRA® fiber technical solutions for stylish swimwear include the following fibers and technologies:


This International Bikini Day, join us in celebrating the bikini's rich history and bright future and toasting the innovations that continue to make swimwear more comfortable, great fitting and provides freedom of movement. 

Happy International Bikini Day from all of us at The LYCRA Company!

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