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Coverer spotlight: FULGAR

Published on Jun 27, 2018
FULGAR headquarters in Castel Goffredo (Mantova), in Italy’s famed hosiery region, operates Europe’s largest spinning mill.
Main LYCRA® fiber distributor operating exclusively in Italy, Europe and Turkey, Fulgar is a leading company in the international man-made fiber industry that produces and distributes polyamide 6.6 and covered elastomers.

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Main LYCRA® fiber distributor operating exclusively in Italy, Europe and Turkey, Fulgar is a leading company in the international man-made fiber industry that produces and distributes polyamide 6.6 and covered elastomers. Founded in the late 1970s in Castel Goffredo (Mantova), which is part of Italy's renowned hosiery region, Fulgar has become a highly respected sector leader that operates Europe's largest spinning mill. From chemicals to spinning, texturizing and all successive processes, the company's business model is founded on developing innovative products and solutions for the latest generation of textiles.

Meet Alan Garosi of Fulgar

LYCRA® brand interviewed Alan Garosi, Marketing Manager at Fulgar, to learn more about the company.

What is Fulgar’s core business?

All of our work revolves around our founding objective, which is to take Italian yarn to the forefront of its field. It's a significant aspect of our core business, and the crucial aim driving the entire textile industry. The main activity is the production of stretch polyamide 6.6 covered yarn with LYCRA® fiber and its specialities. The nylon and covered yarns Fulgar produces are used in a wide range of sectors and in all apparel types, from tights and stockings to circular knits, lingerie, beachwear and sportswear. The company's invisible yet crucial ingredients mean that Fulgar has helped create many prestigious success stories for fashion fabrics around the world.

Can you tell us about your smart fibers?

The knowledge and expertise we’ve gained over four decades in business has led to our ongoing commitment to developing special, high-performance products. Our position as the official distributor for the LYCRA® brand also gives us the opportunity to gain access to some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies available today. For example, at the Performance Days we presented our bio-based EVO® yarn complemented by the exclusive performance of the LYCRA SPORT PCE™ platform. Here we combined EVO® with LYCRA® EASY SET fiber to enhance the yarn’s sustainability profile. This fiber, in fact, enables heat setting at low temperatures with resulting energy savings compared to the use of the normal LYCRA® fiber. Our smart fibers, designed on the basis of specific requirements for particular sectors, create a high-quality offer, one of the widest and most comprehensive currently available.


Production Area at FULGAR, Italy, an official distributor of LYCRA® brand spandex fibers and yarns for legwear and lingerie.

The name Fulgar name is synonymous with quality legwear. Which brands use your innovative products?

The Fulgar story is almost unique in the sector. We offer an impressive collection of best-in-class innovations in our portfolio that are designed to help apparel producers to stay ahead of trends and anticipate future legwear creations. We collaborate with the most prestigious international hosiery brands, including Oroblu, Veritas and Duelegs.


Which Fulgar technologies have these brands adopted?

In the legwear sector, too, the use of cutting edge LYCRA® technologies has enabled us to offer new products with innovative performance. One of these is LYCRA® LIVING LIGHTS, a technology that combined with polyamide has made it possible for us to offer garments with more intensely-colored, uniform dyes. In the context of specific brands, Oroblu has chosen to use our Nanofibra, an innovative yarn comprised of a large number of very fine threads that reflect the new Nylon 6.6 dimension. This cutting-edge product makes it possible to create opaque tights with high abrasion resistance, a perfectly uniform look, and a silky hand.

Veritas, on the other hand, has chosen the Q-Nova yarn for its tights. This eco-sustainable nylon 6.6 fiber is manufactured from the waste produced by Fulgar mills using a mechanical regeneration system. Duelegs (Gambetti Group) is a new concept garment called "TIGHTINGS™". Available in four unique models, each is made with a different high performance yarn. Evo® by Fulgar, the bio-based yarn, is used here for the first time in the hosiery sector. EVO® is produced from castor oil. The original plant is naturally-occurring and isn’t grown for food or take any arable land suitable for food crops out of use. It’s a totally renewable resource that doesn’t require large amounts of water for growth either. But the flagship of our latest developments is the new application created by combining our Nanofiber with a leading LYCRA® T188C yarn. This specialty fiber offers a more uniform appearance and a softer, smoother hand and has an improved response to heat during the boarding process.


What is Fulgar’s approach to sustainability?

For many years we have focused on research, quality, innovation and respect for the environment. This has enabled us to implement a high-profile green strategy. As global marketing manager, I have set up a comprehensive sustainability program and play a direct role in striving to achieve this important objective. For example, we do not limit ourselves to certifying our products – we are also committed to gaining certification of the entire industrial process. Fulgar now ensures complete optimization of resource use for its final products, including the transformation of LYCRA® fiber, which means a constant reduction in environmental impact. I believe strongly that Fulgar needs to continue to push the frontiers of social responsibility and affirm our commitment to sustainability.


Why is sustainability important to Fulgar?

Fulgar sees a fusion of performance and sustainability as a core element in the challenges of tomorrow, and I regard them as crucial assets for any successful enterprise. Consumers aren’t willing to overlook the environmental impact of a garment in order to be in fashion any longer. Now their priority is to find a combination of comfort, performance and style in the same offer, but without the waste of fast fashion. As an innovative company, our priority is to provide a rapid, cutting-edge response to an increasingly demanding market.


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