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Customer spotlight: Wei Yi

Published on Feb 25, 2019
Covering machines at the Wei Yi manufacturing site in China
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Zhangzhou Wei Yi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. (Wei Yi), a member of the LYCRA EXCHANGE program*, was established nearly 16 years ago as a covered yarn producer with 20 sets of Japanese spinning machines.

About Wei Yi

Zhangzhou Wei Yi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.  (Wei Yi), a member of the LYCRA EXCHANGE™ program*, was established nearly 16 years ago as a covered yarn producer with 20 sets of Japanese spinning machines. As it grew, Wei Yi Group introduced 2,100 sets of advanced chemical fiber production equipment to combine its advanced equipment with advanced technology. The new fibers and fabrics developed by Wei Yi in cooperation with world's well-known high-end brands are widely used by famous garment and hosiery brands worldwide.

Cooperation leads to an extensive network

About six years ago, Wei Yi became aware of LYCRA® brand's functionality-based elastic fiber, which was a development direction the company wanted to explore. Wei Yi and The LYCRA Company, owner of the LYCRA® brand, reached an agreement, and both parties jointly built up an extensive textile network covering almost all the fiber factories in China.

As a result, both companies have enhanced their already close cooperation and developed many excellent and practical functional yarns with the following LYCRA® fiber technologies.

Covering machines operating at a Wei Yi manufacturing site in China
Covering machines operating at a Wei Yi manufacturing site in China

Innovation: a shared vision

Innovation is the goal that Wei Yi and LYCRA® brand have been working toward. New and differentiated products are critical if a company wants to succeed in new markets.

“Today's market emphasizes quality and services. Consumers are now willing to pay more for a famous brand as it gives them confidence in product quality. Without a familiar and trusted brand, even a cheap price will not earn a consumers' trust in the brand quality. Therefore, in markets around the world, branding can drive the market trend. By partnering with LYCRA® brand, Wei Yi is able to offer premium branding and quality assurance. Today, Wei Yi has grown into one of the largest covered yarn fiber companies in the world. This is due to its ability to meet market demands, improve product quality and advance with times."

Sarah Wu

Vice President

Zhangzhou Wei Yi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd

The Importance of Quality Control

Besides innovation, Wei Yi has followed a "Quality First and Service Oriented" philosophy to seize market share. Wei Yi is committed to providing customers with high-quality and diversified development services to meet the various needs of its different customer groups.

Wei Yi has its own technical laboratory and third-party laboratory responsible for the manufacturing of fabrics. Every step and detail are under its stringent control, so Wei Yi knows its fabrics will deliver unique properties and functions when produced with different materials and technologies.

LYCRA® brand also has its own technical laboratory, and personnel from both laboratories will consult each other on innovation and research on a regular basis. The cooperation between both parties is based on long-term collaboration and has stood the test of time.

Groundbreaking run-resistant hosiery

Wei Yi and LYCRA® brand broke new ground by introducing run-resistant LYCRA® FUSION™ technology to China’s hosiery market in the 2010s.Sarah explained that before the cooperation between Wei Yi with LYCRA® brand, the Chinese market was dominated by general hosiery.

LYCRA® FUSION™ technology is a spandex (elastane) fiber that stops hosiery snags from turning into runs and ladders.
LYCRA® SUPER SUMMER SHEER technology is a lightweight summer hosiery that gives legs a “better than bare” appearance.

Keep innovating and be international

As a result of its successful accomplishments, Wei Yi keeps expanding, introducing its products to more knitters, and actively participating in international trade shows to learn more about industrial trends. As to LYCRA® SUPER SUMMER SHEER technology, Wei Yi always seeks to gain its franchise and market application as soon as possible.

"As customers are all looking for something new, Wei Yi will always be the first-choice provider of our customers. We aim to research and develop the world's most innovative covered yarns and knitting technology for legwear."

Sarah Wu

Vice President

Zhangzhou Wei Yi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd

Wei Yi believes that it is one of the companies in the hosiery market that knows covered yarn and knitting technology the best. It hopes to build "Zhangzhou Wei Yi" into a well-known brand like LYCRA® brand, which enjoys international influence, so it can bring China's products and technologies to the international market.

*The LYCRA Company created The LYCRA EXCHANGE™ program to increase collaboration with its customers, to help foster innovation, and to give them a competitive edge. A primary goal of the program is to help customers achieve long-term sustainable development.

All photos courtesy of WeiYi.

LYCRA®, LYCRA EXCHANGE™, FREEF!T®, FUSION™  and T400® are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


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