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JACK & JONES makes summer jeans cooler with new men’s denim collection featuring COOLMAX® technologies and LYCRA® fiber

Published on Aug 09, 2021
Young men wear JACK & JONES summer denim featuring COOLMAX® cooling performance and LYCRA® fiber for comfortable  stretch.
Explore the Summer 2021 denim collection from JACK & JONES featuring COOLMAX® technologies for cooling performance and LYCRA® fiber for lasting comfort and fit.

The LYCRA Company collaborated with JACK & JONES, a leading menswear brand in China, to launch a summer 2021 denim collection powered by both COOLMAX® brand technologies and LYCRA® fiber for a cool, comfortable fit.


Explore the collection

The inclusion of LYCRA® fiber delivers a comfortable fit to this collection, which is now on sale online and in JACK & JONES stores in China nationwide. COOLMAX® technology, meanwhile, features a proven moisture-wicking performance that helps keep the wearer cool and dry.


Provides all-day freshness

In addition to utilizing COOLMAX® fiber, the new collection also uses COOLMAX® freshFX® fabric which contains silver ions to help deliver all-day freshness. The active component, which is spun directly into the yarn, remains effective even after repeated washing.


Offers a natural touch

The JACK & JONES collection also includes stylish denim pieces made with COOLMAX® Natural Touch™ fabric. The patented composite yarn structure not only enhances moisture wicking, but also gives garments a natural look and soft feel via cotton staple fibers.


Co-branding drives sales

The LYCRA Company and Jack & Jones created a jointly branded hangtag to clearly communicate the advantages of COOLMAX® technology. The two companies also collaborated on a social media promotion and online/in-store product displays to promote the summer line.


Cooling innovation debut

COOLMAX® freshFX® fabric is the result of a joint R&D effort from The LYCRA Company and Guangdong Advance Denim Co. Ltd. following the Autumn/Winter 2020 Intertextile Fabric Show. This marks the first time the innovative technology has been communicated on a consumer level.

There has always been a close collaboration between JACK & JONES and The LYCRA Company. We are excited to introduce COOLMAX® freshFX® fabric into this year's new collection, which adds value to our denim products and can satisfy consumers' upgraded need for the summer.

Deri Chun



Innovation is the key to our business. This means not only that technology innovation matters, but also innovative marketing programs are critical to bring each technological breakthrough to the consumers.

Amy Yi

Marketing Manager, RTW, Legwear & Seamless

The LYCRA Company

LYCRA®, COOLMAX® Natural Touch™ and COOLMAX® freshFX® are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


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