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LYCRA® ADAPTIV Fiber Helps Pompea Deliver ‘Real Comfort’ Through Underwear and Hosiery

Published on Oct 14, 2021
Two women model Pompea’s new seamless bras and panties made with LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber for a comfortable, second-skin fit.
Pompea is the first company in Europe to adopt LYCRAⓇ ADAPTIV fiber, a groundbreaking new fiber from The LYCRA Company that’s used in stretch activewear and athleisure apparel, hosiery and socks, intimate apparel and underwear.

Pompea, an Italian producer of hosiery and underwear, recently launched a rebranding campaign signaling a new era of comfort.

"Real Comfort", which includes a 360-degree marketing campaign, store redesigns and more, showcases four sustainably made Pompea lines: seamless underwear, basic hosiery and the new Comfort Size and Eco-friendly collections.


Comfort and Confidence in Motion or at Rest

Pompea Comfort Size garments feature LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber to deliver a perfect, confidence-boosting fit for all body types. The patent-pending spandex (elastane) fiber has a unique chemistry designed to proactively adapt its properties to deliver benefits the wearer needs at any moment—from stay in place (compression, shape retention) and dynamic comfort (freedom of movement) to fit forgiveness (one-size-fits-more/one-size-fits-you).

Fiber adapts to meet consumer needs

At rest, LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber delivers the right recovery force to maintain fit and provide shaping and compression, as needed. But when the wearer starts moving, it changes to deliver comfort in motion and a second skin effect, and stays in place. Due to its unique hybrid properties, it delivers inclusive sizing. Pompea is the first company in Europe to use LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber.

We spent a lot of time in the lab thinking about stretch and recovery, and what we found was missing is what we call hybrid performance—a technology that combines high modulus and low modulus. We’re so excited about LYCRA® ADAPTIV because it does both. The real magic here is getting those softer-stretch benefits without sacrificing the high-power benefits of compression and stay in place.

Geoff Hietpas

Global Technology Director

The LYCRA Company

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