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Made to measure : LYCRA® SPORT performance indexing

Published on Jul 16, 2020
LYCRA(R) SPORT technology
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Sometimes, more than technology is needed to take a profitable market space to the next level. The X Factor could saving time and money by improving dialogue between different links in the value chain.

Create activewear collections that have it all

Performance and comfort matter. Demand for both is rising across an ever-widening range of categories, from the power-enhancing garments that are a must for bikers and runners to the soft control valued by yoga enthusiasts among others for indoor pursuits.

If you compete in these sectors, you’ll know that consumer satisfaction doesn’t come easily. Market research indicates the importance of combining comfort and compression, but delivering both at the same time is a significant technical challenge.

Get it right and you’re in business. But if the degree of compression is wrong or is delivered at the expense of comfort, fit or freedom of movement, shoppers will look elsewhere next time round.

Offer next level performance

LYCRA® SPORT technology has a proven reputation in all forms of activewear. This platform enables mills to create fabrics that deliver enhanced performance, comfort and a lot more besides – plus the power of the LYCRA® brand as a globally-recognized endorsement of performance and quality. So far, so good – but now we have something entirely new for you.

We’ve perfected a three-way Performance Indexing system that rates different fabric attributes, offering brands and retailers a new degree of flexibility and precision in customizing products.

  • The LYCRA® SPORT Power Index measures the performance factor of fabrics on a scale of one to ten. The Comfort Index measures their ‘second skin’ ability to deliver close-fitting freedom of movement. The Innovative Energy index rates the energy absorbed by moving in the garment.
  • LYCRA® SPORT Performance Indexing is a unique, proprietary, supply chain tool for sharpening dialogue between mills, garment makers, brands and retailers wherever they are in the world. It’s a shortcut to getting it right, whether you are making compression pants for biking or comfortable pants for yoga and athleisure. It saves your time and money – and helps ensure that satisfied customers will be back for more.

Experience the LYCRA® brand difference

If you’d like to know more about LYCRA® SPORT fibers and how The LYCRA Company’s technical and marketing support can create business advantage for you, contact David Capdevila.

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    David Capdevila

    Product Marketing & Merchandising Manager - 西班牙

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David Capdevila of The LYCRA Company discusses the benefits of LYCRA® SPORT technology

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Because comfort and performance matter

Amp up your activewear collection with LYCRA® SPORT technology.

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