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New LYCRA® SPORT technology Merchandising kit launched

Published on Feb 15, 2018
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Wherever you are in the value chain, the consumer’s the boss ; and delighting the consumer is always job one. To make this task easier, The LYCRA Company has developed a complete line of engaging merchandising tools promoting its LYCRA® SPORT technology platform. The Point-Of-Purchase (POP) materials are designed to educate consumers about the exceptional comfort, fit and support LYCRA® SPORT technology delivers to stretch activewear.

Turnkey merchandising materials

The merchandising tool kit includes photography for bespoke items, as well as hang tags, posters, and hanger cards that can be co-branded. Digital video, banner ads and social media guidelines are also available. All the pieces feature the LYCRA® SPORT brand tagline as well as a signature step and repeat watermark: “Because Comfort and Performance Matter™”.

Explore the tool kit >

Examples of in-store displays promoting LYCRA® SPORT technology

In-store merchandising POP banner promotes LYCRA® SPORT technology for technical sportswear with lasting performance

Are you a mill?

The merchandising tool kit adds value when you are selling your LYCRA® SPORT technology PCE™ certified fabrics downstream. Brands and retailers will appreciate being able to promote the LYCRA® brand to consumers who view it as a symbol of quality assurance. The addition of these merchandising tools to support your sales pitch could clinch the deal for you.

Why should you submit your fabric to be LYCRA® SPORT technology certified, and how do you sell it to your customers?

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LYCRA® SPORT technology fabric swatches showing the PCE™ Index that grades the performance of stretch fabric for activewear.

LYCRA® SPORT technology fabric swatches showing the PCE™ Index that grades the performance of stretch fabric for activewear.

Are you a brand/retailer?

The key to driving retail sales online or in store is to clearly communicate a technology’s benefits at the point of purchase. These exciting new merchandising tools will help you accomplish this. It’s the type of marketing support you can only get from LYCRA® brand.

What is the PCE™ index and how do you educate shoppers about its benefits?

Get answers >

In-store co-branded POP posters promoting performance stretch activewear made with LYCRA® SPORT technology.

Increase sales with co-branded merchandising

Contact your marketing representative now to order hangtags and POP materials or contact us online.


LYCRA® and PCE™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


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    David Capdevila

    Product Marketing & Merchandising Manager - 西班牙

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