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Reinventing Workwear: The EssentiaAble Collection by Sapphire Finishing Mills With LYCRA® Fiber

Published on Jun 11, 2024
In an era where functionality and fashion are one in the same, workwear as a category is evolving and professionals and consumers alike no longer settle for mundane work clothing; they seek garments that effortlessly blend design and function.

Recognizing this shift, The LYCRA Company and Sapphire Finishing Mills have joined forces to create EssentiaAble, a groundbreaking capsule collection that is set to redefine workwear. A seamless blend of style, durability, comfort, and performance, the EssentiaAble collection integrates a range of cutting-edge LYCRA® fiber technologies that set it apart from the competition.

After debuting at Kingpins New York in early 2024, the EssentiaAble collection premiered at a recent showcase at Kingpins Amsterdam that highlighted the project’s mission of collaboration and innovation. Sapphire Finishing Mills and The LYCRA Company used this occasion to talk about the months of development that went into this collection and how it culminated in a workwear line that strikes a perfect balance between creativity, design vision, and state-of-the-art fiber technologies.

Working Together to Create Stylish, Sustainable Workwear

The EssentiaAble collection equips professionals with garments that support their success in diverse workplace settings through its commitment to durability and sustainability. The collection features garments in rich earth tones complemented by whites and rust accents – a contemporary look and feel, with a nod to classic workwear aesthetics.

Utilizing COOLMAX® fiber technology, LYCRA® T400® fiber, and LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT fiber technology the garments not only lend stretch to the wearer, but also moisture-wicking abilities for maximum comfort. And the combination of LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ fabric and LYCRA® dualFX® fiber technologies offer superior garment durability and longevity that is meant to hold up to long days on the job and the rigor of repeated washes.

The EssentiaAble Collection is owned by Sapphire Finishing Mills.

 “Collaborations like this are a great way to raise awareness of the benefits of LYCRA® and COOLMAX® fibers add to workwear to increase garment durability, and the power of our branding to drive sales.” -Fabrizio Maggi, Commercial Director, South Asia and EMEA Distribution - The LYCRA Company.

Exploring the LYCRA® Fiber Technologies Collection

The EssentiaAble collection incorporates a wide range of The LYCRA Company’s pioneering fibers and finishings to create the ideal composition for workwear. Including technologies from both the LYCRA® and COOLMAX® brands, this collection utilizes innovative solutions that can elevate any collection:


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