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Südwolle Group adds COOLMAX® EcoMade technology to wool garments

Published on Jun 09, 2020
Südwolle Group adds the moisture-wicking performance of COOLMAX® EcoMade technology to its sustainable wool apparel.
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Leading global wool spinner, Südwolle Group and The LYCRA Company have partnered to bring the next level of sustainability and unique performance into the wool market with a ground-breaking new cationic dyeable COOLMAX® EcoMade technology long staple GRS certified yarn.

The challenge:

Among the existing types of recycled polyester that can be blended with wool, COOLMAX® EcoMade technology distinguishes itself by its cationic dyeability. This property considerably facilitates the dyeing process in piece or cone dyeing and enables a gentler dyeing process at lower temperatures using less energy. This not only helps to ensure that the touch and handle of the wool are not compromised but is also a big positive development for sustainability within the wool market.


The benefits:

COOLMAX® EcoMade fiber is the perfect partner to wool, allowing wool spinners to combine the uniquely engineered cross-sections of COOLMAX® fiber and all its exceptional performance properties, with the natural attributes of wool. In turn, this offers the wearer a high performing, breathable, moisture wicking and comfortable wool product.


Performance tested:

In an initiative that shows that you don’t need to compromise on performance when it comes to sustainable fibers, Südwolle Group launched their YARN MEETS MOUNTAIN project. They produced a range of sports and outdoor clothing samples made from a blend of their quality Merino yarns and the new COOLMAX® EcoMade product. Südwolle Group then invited a group of key customers on an exciting winter sports weekend in Austria to assess the blend. The weekend took place in February with temperatures ranging from 26°F to 50°F. Invitees could participate in ski tours or snowshoe hikes, wearing the base layers made from the Südwolle Group’s Merino/COOLMAX® EcoMade blend, underneath their own, preferred top layers. According to the participants, the blend performed well in terms of moisture management and comfort.


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