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THERMOLITE® EcoMade fiber made from 100% textile waste

Published on Mar 30, 2021
Go beyond sustainable warming products to discover how sustainability touches every aspect of The LYCRA Company’s business.
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Introducing the launch of THERMOLITE® EcoMade fiber made from 100% textile waste. This new offering under the THERMOLITE® EcoMade brand delivers both performance and sustainability attributes.

A new use for textile waste

“We are pleased to announce this new product as textile waste represents a substantial sustainability challenge, as the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is sent to landfills or incinerated every second,” said Julien Born, chief commercial officer, The LYCRA Company. “This exemplifies the synergistic approach we have to develop products and technologies that support a more sustainable future for our vast global customer base.”

How it works

A unique depolymerization and refining process converts textile waste scraps from garment manufacturers into fibers with properties comparable to virgin polyester. The new fiber is available in filament and staple forms, suitable for common textile processes and insulations batting uses.

Add value to collections

The industry’s preeminent warming performance solutions have been made with recycled raw materials such as recycled PET plastic bottles for many years. The LYCRA Company will continue to offer existing THERMOLITE® EcoMade products along with those made from textile waste.

Visit our THERMOLITE® EcoMade technology page to learn more about this innovative product.

THERMOLITE® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


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