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Combines stretch comfort and cooling comfort

Consumer Benefits

  • Offers long-lasting comfort, fit and freedom of movement

  • Transports moisture to the outside of the fabric where it dries quickly to provide a cooling effect

  • Enjoy durable performance

  • Experience a cotton-like hand and feel

Benefits for Brands & Retailers


  • Withstands tough finishing treatments and resists fiber damage to create more durable apparel
  • Provides easy stretch and cool comfort
  • Increases yield due to low fabric shrinkage and reduces fabric consumption per garment
  • Suitable for a wide range of durable, easy-care products

Benefits for Mills


  • Create fabrics with high dimensional stability
  • Achieve higher elongation (from 20% to 45%)
  • Meets COOLMAX® technology fabric standards
  • Offers total dyeability without impacting stretch performance

Eligible garment categories

  • Activewear
  • Athleisure
  • Denim 
  • Ready-to-wear
  • Wovens


This technology, which is now available for wovens and ready-to-where for the first time, is the perfect solution for the emerging “new utility” and “out-leisure” trends. It blends long-lasting performance with tailored elegance. Watch our webinar filled with insights to learn more.

Boost your brand power

Brands: The LYCRA® brand logo is viewed worldwide as a symbol of quality assurance by consumers. Promote your use of LYCRA® fiber with free printed or virtual hangtags provided by The LYCRA Company. Swing tags are a simple and effective way to explain LYCRA® fiber’s performance benefits to drive garment sales.

You can also complete our Trademark Licensing Agreement to print your own co-branded POS materials. Whichever option you choose, we make it easy to leverage the LYCRA® brand’s 87% global consumer awareness to trigger the purchase decision in stores or online. No other spandex manufacturer provides this level of marketing support to its customers. Be sure to take advantage of this amazing value-added service!

Mills: Have your fabrics tested and certified, which gives your customers the ability to quickly order LYCRA® brand hangtags through the LYCRA ONE portal. Remember, the more garments they sell, the more fabric you sell.

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