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The solution for comfortable plus size hosiery for cury women

Consumer benefits

  • 83%
    seek freedom of movement in hosiery. Only 61% are satisfied.
  • 81%
    seek a comfortable waistband. Only 55% are satisfied.
  • 82%
    seek no roll waistbands. Only 53% are satisfied.
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    Offers a flexible fit to accommodate a variety of body shapes

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    Patented construction prevents dig in at thighs and waist

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    Creates less compressive garments to help the wearer move freely

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    Delivers greater overall comfort garment for curvy women

Benefits for brands & retailers

  • Increase sales by reaching a segment of the population that’s forecasted to keep growing
  • Reduce returns, increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty by creating comfortable, stylish garments that will appeal to full-figured women
  • Fill the need gap for millions of plus-size women worldwide by offering fashion-forward styles, patterns and colors
  • Create comfortable maternity hosiery as well

Benefits for mills

  • Uses the same commercial machines and processes as standard sizes, which results in cost savings
  • Achieve maximum width by using LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology (required) for greater stretch and a combination of knitting and finishing techniques
  • Eliminating the sewn-in panel (up to size 18 US or 48 European size) saves money and makes a more comfortable and attractive garment
  • Create beautiful designs and patterns in the body part for a unique offering

Double your brand power

Brands:  The LYCRA® brand logo is viewed worldwide as a symbol of quality assurance by consumers. Promote your use of LYCRA® fiber in legwear with free logos, pictograms and virtual hang tags that highlight product benefits to drive sales. We make it easy to leverage the LYCRA® brand’s 87% global consumer awareness to trigger the purchase decision in stores and online. No other spandex manufacturer provides this level of branding support to its customers. Be sure to take advantage of this amazing value-added service and complete a Trademark Licensing Agreement today!

Mills: Have your garments tested and certified, which gives your customers the ability to quickly order LYCRA® brand assets to increase sales. Remember, the more garments retailers sell, the more garments you sell.

Drive sales with pictograms


Did you know?

  • All women are looking for the same features and benefits in stockings and tights regardless of their size and shape.
  • It’s a misconception that curvy women are not interested in wearing dresses, being fashionable or following trends.
  • The benefits of LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology extend beyond hosiery to include leggings.
  • Plus size women should not be ignored! The needs of these consumers are still not being met, which presents a fantastic growth opportunity.

Garment category

Textile processes

  • Hosiery

Products listing

Products Comfort Easier donning and doffing Sustainability

LYCRA® 902C fiber

  • Dtex : 50-1600
  • Availability : Asia, EMEA, and South America
  • Dtex : 50-1600
  • Availability : Asia, EMEA, and South America
excellent sustainabilty
excellent sustainabilty
Easier donning and doffing
good sustainabilty

Value:1 Good suitability

Value:2 Excellent suitability


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Life in 24 Hours for Plus-Size Women

Explore the amazing variety of fashion-forward stockings, tights, knee-highs, and leggings you can create for curvy women using LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology and other spandex fibers from The LYCRA Company.

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Choose garments certified LYCRA® EcoMade fiber

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