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Lasting cooling performance


With over 30 years of proven cooling experience, COOLMAX® technology provides the quality, dependability, and performance features that you expect from one of the leading brands in the cooling space.  

When you specify COOLMAX® technology in your collections, you’ll not only receive quality products you can trust, but you’ll also benefit from the experience of our well-trained experts. It’s just one of the advantages of choosing our products.

  • 100+
    PhDs work at The LYCRA Company
  • 1500+
    years of collective industry experience
  • 4
    global R&D labs service every region

Access technical expertise

If you need technical support, our scientists and trained specialists can help you find a solution. Here are some of the ways they can help your business:

  • Providing recommendations for everything from yarn storage and fabrication to wet processing
  • Working with your staff to help optimize fabric performance, hand-feel, and appearance
  • Assisting with implementation and offering detailed technical training
  • Determining the root cause of fabric issues through yarn, fabric, and garment analysis, the providing solutions
  • Helping you improve your manufacturing speed and efficiency and minimize material wastage and downtime


Find resources and documentation

Visit our customer portal where you can access a wide variety of documents related to COOLMAX® brand cooling technologies, including:

  • Product information sheets
  • Fabric quality standards
  • Guidelines for best practices
  • Product testing performance standards