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Getting started on the LYCRA ONE portal

Published on Oct 06, 2021
This article is also available in Chinese, Simplified
Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here! Ready to help boost your sales by using LYCRA ONE? This page provides helpful tips and best practices for setting up an impactful company profile on our portal, product pages, and more. Let’s go!

Tips and best practices for creating a company profile

Creating your company profile on LYCRA ONE™ portal is more than just entering the data. It’s about optimizing your visibility by making your profile shine. Your company profile is a way to connect with new and existing customers, so you’ll want to populate it with engaging and compelling copy, a crisp, sharp logo, and beautiful product photos and descriptions.

  • Get prepared: LYCRA ONE™ Step-by-Step Instructions and LYCRA ONE™ Profile & Product Page Checklist resources are available upon request. Contact us below for these resources.
  • Get organized: Place all assets (banner image options, logos, and product photos) in a single location on your computer, so once you start building your pages, you won’t have to stop to locate the right assets. Also, make sure they’re in the correct file formats and appropriate sizes (as shown on our checklist). 
  • Image is everything: The banner image is one of the first things customers see when they access your company profile, so if you want to make a terrific first impression, consider the following: 
    • Select an appealing, high-quality photo of a beautiful fabric photo, fabric collage, or a manufacturing photo that demonstrates your capabilities. 
    • Your company name will be in white text on top of the banner image, so choose a darker photo, or one with rich saturation so your name and logo pop off the page. 
    • Images should be a horizontal .jpg that is sharp, well-lit, and cropped to the correct size (1700 x 500 pixels).
    • Logos need to fit inside a circle halo, consider a white “reverse” version of your logo, and make sure it’s a transparent .PNG file.
  • Tell your story: Once you’ve entered your company name and website address, you’ll want to craft a company description that sings! Follow these tips to grab the reader’s attention: 
    • Think of this copy as your elevator pitch. How would you describe your business if you only had 30 seconds to persuade a customer to pick your business? Or, consider this paragraph an opportunity to engage the reader in your brand story. Describe your business like a person they would love to get to know better.  
    • Consider showcasing your company’s unique history, specific capabilities, and competitive and comparative advantages.
    • Use the locations page to highlight your global reach and any specific capabilities you have at different locations.
    • Want to appeal to a wider audience? Consider having your descriptions available in both English and a second language like Chinese.
  • Make your fabrics shine: Your products are the heroes of your story! Follow our recommendations to have them stand out for all the right reasons: 
    • Each product in your virtual showroom should be beautifully lit and photographed. Consider styling your fabrics by showing movement.  
    • Write a description that includes key information: featured fiber technologies and brand certification, eligible garment categories, performance benefits, keywords that will help people find it while searching (e.g. run- or ladder-resistant hosiery).
    • Consider showing multiple product views or all available colorways by adding them to the slider (image carousel).
    • Complete technical information, including fiber content, ordering information, and more to help brands and retailers find your fabrics. We also have product color and garment icons built into the template for creating dynamic fabric profiles. 
  • Build for desktop and mobile: Your profile should be as flexible as your fabrics. As you build your profile, review your published pages on both desktop and mobile devices to ensure the best experience for all viewers.

Tip of the week: Optimize your fabric listings for searching

How can you turn browsers into buyers? Complete as many fields as possible when you create your fabric listing. People may filter search results for a feature, or use a keyword to find their desired fabric. If you want your fabric to appear in more search results, you should provide the following information:

  • Fabric description
  • Garment category
  • Fabric type
  • Country of origin
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Sustainability feature by brand
  • Certified technology by brand

Tip of the Week: A picture is worth a thousand words

Make your virtual showroom work for you by making sure you show a photograph of every fabric. Think of this page as your storefront on a busy street. Would you ever leave that valuable piece of real estate empty? If your storefront is bare, buyers may look for one that isn’t to make a purchase. Don’t risk losing sales.


  • Assign an Admin. This person is inside your organization and they are responsible for setting up and maintaining your profile on LYCRA ONE™.  They will also need to respond immediately to customer inquiries, and review your product pages every quarter (or with every new collection) to ensure they’re up-to-date.
  • Beautiful pictures make an impact. Choose high-quality images to engage the viewer. Crop and convert them to the proper size and format.
  • Fill in the blanks and complete all three sections of your profile: Information, Products, and Locations. Don’t leave fields blank—make your profile as complete as possible.
  • Prioritize best-selling or most important products by featuring them first.
  • Think Globally. Show Locally. What does this mean? The LYCRA ONE™ portal is global and shows the world all the reasons to choose your company. But many buyers like to source locally. Our portal provides the opportunity for you to engage both global and local buyers. If you’re interested in selling into regions where your native language isn’t spoken, consider translating copy into that second language to capture new market opportunities.
  • Be bold. Champion and promote your company and highlight what makes you unique.



  • Procrastination causes frustration and a rushed profile, so don’t wait until the last minute to collect your assets and product information.
  • You only get out what you put in, so don’t leave fields blank or provide incomplete data. You may think it saves time now, but it may result in you answering a lot of email inquiries later. Don’t risk losing the sale.
  • Don’t ignore image guidelines. Low-resolution, blurry, or poorly lit images will send customers the message that quality isn’t a priority. Your products are beautiful, so take the time to photograph them properly.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. But not having an image may cause you to lose sales. Be sure to upload at least one product photo, or show the fabric in all colorways.
  • Mobile is on the move. Don’t assume more desktop users will visit your showroom. Research shows that more users than ever before are using mobile phones and tablets for business, especially with virtual offices. Be sure to review your published pages on multiple devices to deliver the best user experience possible.
  • Stay current. Always highlight your latest products and innovations and remove products that are no longer available. Maintain your virtual showroom to keep it as complete and up-to-date as possible. 


We’re here to help! Contact us at [email protected] 

The LYCRA ONE™ portal is an incredible resource designed to bring the value chain together. Make it work for you by entering as much information as you can. If you have incomplete descriptions and people have to ask you questions, they are more likely choose a listing where that information is readily available. Make your fabrics the hero of your story by using beautiful photography, and include keywords people will use in searches so they’ll quickly find your fabrics.

Emeline Pihen

Senior Manager, Global Digital Customer Experience

The LYCRA Company