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Webinar: How to create hosiery curvy women will love

Published on Mar 03, 2021
Creating comfortable, fashionable plus-size hosiery like you see here offers brands/retailers an amazing growth opportunity.
See how your business can capitalize on size-inclusive legwear trends and technologies

Regardless of size or apparel category, everyone wants comfort, fit, durability and fashion. The body positive movement teaches all women to be comfortable in their bodies, and legwear can facilitate new ways of self-expression.

This webinar shared data on the size-inclusive apparel market, which continues to grow during the pandemic thanks to thriving online sales. Current trends, as presented by Anne Marie Commandeur from Stijl Instituut Amsterdam, point to significant opportunity for brands and retailers to meet unmet legwear needs for plus-sized consumers, who are seeking but not finding fashion-forward designs.

Experts from The LYCRA Company presented several offerings that deliver fashionable functionality to size-inclusive legwear, including:


Click on the viewer below to watch our webinar.

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