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Webinar: Keeping your cool when things heat up

Published on Sep 01, 2020
Woman riding a bicycle wearing garments made with COOLMAX® EcoMade technology
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Explore the science behind COOLMAX® EcoMade technology

Garments made with COOLMAX® EcoMade technology keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable as body temperatures fluctuate. A recent webinar hosted by The LYCRA Company provided an in-depth look at this moisture wicking technology, which brings unique cooling properties to jeans, socks and other apparel categories, while also delivering sustainability benefits.

Watch to see experts from The LYCRA Company break down the science of how the human body regulates heat; explain how COOLMAX® EcoMade technology works; and show how this fiber stacks up against other offerings.

Here are a few key takeaways from the session:

  • By the end of 2021, all COOLMAX® brand fibers will be made from 100% recycled resources
  • All of The LYCRA Company’s fibers made with EcoMade technology are Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified.
  • Unlike other competitive technologies, COOLMAX® EcoMade technology does not wash off. Its benefits are a result of the fiber's structure, so they are permanent.
  • COOLMAX® fibers undergo extensive quality testing and certification processes.
  • Jeans made with COOLMAX® fibers outperformed denim made with competitive cooling technologies in a benchmarking study.
  • 75% of consumers are likely to buy garments made with COOLMAX® fibers, and more than 80% are willing to pay a premium.

Watch a replay of the “Keeping Your Cool When Things Heat Up” webinar here:

COOLMAX® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company

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