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Webinar: Discussing the key to business success at KINGPINS24

Published on Apr 23, 2021
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The LYCRA Company talks denim innovation, sustainability and more at KINGPINS24

The LYCRA Company participated in the KINGPINS24 digital event in June 2020, using the virtual gathering to showcase collaborations with denim brands and retailers, as well as its innovative stretch denim solutions and sustainability initiatives.


Resetting for growth with The LYCRA Company


In a session titled “Resetting for Growth with The LYCRA Company,” Julien Born, President of Apparel, spoke with journalist Alison Nieder about the company’s response to COVID-19 and how sustainability, innovation and collaboration continue to fuel its future.

Highlights from Born’s remarks included:

What we’ve tried to do during this time of crisis is lead. This is a great time for market leaders to lead, to stay close to their customers, and rather not a good time for brands to be in a transactional relationship with their supply-chain. We’ve tried to find creative ways to stay well connected – with webinars, e-tradeshows, e-meetings – and have found, in many cases, that we’ve been able to advance innovation projects and product development at a faster pace. With COVID, the focus on sustainability will be further accelerated as we realize that individual actions have societal consequences. Consumers will ask more from their favorite brands in the future. We’re well-positioned, through our holistic approach to sustainability, which covers three pillars: Manufacturing Excellence, Product Innovation and Social Responsibility. And one asset we believe gives us a competitive advantage is the LYCRA® brand, which is really a trust mark. It’s a big part of our enterprise value and brands thus know that any claims or commitment we make have been thoroughly vetted. What we bring is technology, networks, and a more systemic approach to innovation. We bring all the value chain together – mills and yarn processors – and offer consumer insights, mostly through our work with brands and retailers, and commissioned research. We bring everything together to allow brands to execute on their vision for change in the apparel category.
Julien Born

Julien Born

Apparel President

The LYCRA Company

Why collaboration is key to business success


Rita Ratskoff, Senior Strategic Account Manager, North America, The LYCRA Company, also spoke with Mark Ix, Director of North America Marketing for Advance Denim, about the benefits of collaboration and how innovations like LYCRA® dualFX® technology have helped drive Advance Denim’s growth.

Highlights from Ix’s remarks about the two companies’ decade-long partnership and more:

As a development partner, we have first access to The LYCRA Company's latest technologies. Developing and beta-testing new concepts together makes us a leader in the market. DualFX® technology continues to be the go-to stretch technology in the market. The mix of T400® and LYCRA®, all covered by the comfort of cotton, gives us unparalleled stretch and recovery… it enables Advance Denim to create a line called 100% Fit Denim… that stretches out close to 100% and still has recovery. That type of performance is unattainable without DualFX® technology. LYCRA® EcoMade and LYCRA® T400® EcoMade are really setting the standard for stretch fibers. People want sustainability. They want to know you’re doing something to elevate your product and make it more transparently sustainable, and both products are adding value…Going forward, Advance Denim has made a pledge to have 90% of all fibers in our mill be green fibers. And having both LYCRA® EcoMade and T400® EcoMade is an important foundation for that pledge.

Mark Ix

Director of North America Marketing

Advance Denim

Kingpins transitions to online format

The coronavirus pandemic has forced Kingpins to transition its industry tradeshows to a free online format. The June 23-24 event featured live-streamed webinars, interviews, panels, informal conversations, and more, plus a robust library of on-demand content. The first Kingpins24 session in April generated more than 3,500 live-stream views and 29,000 on-demand content views.

LYCRA®, dualFX® and T400® are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.

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