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THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN technology

Published on May 12, 2021
This jacket contains THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN insulation, a synthetic down replacement made form 100% recycled PET bottles.
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An eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to down insulation
Attract outdoor enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers who are seeking more sustainable down alternative insulations for their high-performance cold weather outdoor gear. Our THERMOLITE® EcoMade T-DOWN technology is made from 100% recycled PET bottles and offers the performance of down, without its drawbacks like high cost or heat loss when wet.
Huw Williams

Huw Williams

Huw Williams

Apparel Product Director, Specialty Polyester

The LYCRA Company

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Let’s start with the big picture. What are the benefits to your business if you adopt this technology? Visit our THERMOLITE® EcoMade technology detail page on to find the answers to these questions and more:

  • Consumer benefits
  • Brand and retailer benefits
  • Mill benefits
  • Key attributes
  • Eligible garment categories
  • Consumer brands for hangtags


Do you work for a mill and you need help preparing a sales pitch?

Download our Value sell sheet below to help you craft a compelling story about the value this innovation adds to garments and close the sale.


How do you know if you are using brand logos and trademarks owned by The LYCRA Company correctly?

Our brand guidelines and trademark guide can be downloaded below.

Fabrics tested in our labs receive a garment letter showing they have met our brand performance standards.
Order free hangtags or request a trademark license agreement to leverage the value of THERMOLITE® brand to drive sales.
Order free hangtags or request a trademark license agreement to leverage the value of THERMOLITE® brand to drive sales.


Take advantage of our complimentary value-added services to drive sell-through of your collections.

How can you help turn a browser into a buyer? Order free print and virtual hangtags that let consumers know your garment contains genuine THERMOLITE® brand technologies. Our branded hangtags not only explain a garment’s performance benefits, but also show the added value our technology solutions deliver.

Alex Kin Yip Cheung

Global Hang tag Manager

The LYCRA Company

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THERMOLITE® is a trademark of the LYCRA Company

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