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Better fiber technology

T837 LYCRA HyFit® fiber

T837 LYCRA HyFit® fiber is made with a unique formulation proven to deliver excellent performance and reduced package tackiness without a negative impact on creep performance. T837 is locally produced in every region to ensure product consistency. We are the only spandex supplier with local production in each region of the world to help assure reliability of supply and to quickly respond to your needs.

Bolder New Approaches

Introducing T868 LYCRA EnviroFit fiber

LYCRA EnviroFit fiber is the latest in a line of new commercial fibers bringing improved value to market. A unique new polymer from The LYCRA Company that enables a reduction in fiber weight while maintaining overall end-product performance and quality needed and expected for personal care products. By delivering the same performance typically achieved with higher decitex fibers now with a lower decitex.

LYCRA EnviroFit fibers can result in improved production economics and a reduction in ecological impact.

The retractive force per decitex is greater for LYCRA EnviroFit fiber than T837. Lighter decitex LYCRA EnviroFit fiber products can replace heavier weight T837 fibers, reducing overall elastic consumption and expense without compromising on performance. Less mass means fewer resources and less energy consumed, reducing impact to the environment.

Brighter colors

Enhanced color offerings

Diaper, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene product manufacturers now have access to an expanded color palette of LYCRA HyFit® fiber. The LYCRA Company increased capacity at its LYCRA® fiber manufacturing facility in China, providing additional flexibility to produce new color offerings. LYCRA HyFit® fiber has traditionally been offered in three standard colors: white, blue and green. Eight additional colors — red, black, grey, dark blue, dark green, pink, purple, and macron blue — are now available, with more in development. Additionally, customized colors can also be produced upon request.

Colored fibers are often used to designate the different sizes for personal care and hygiene products, to make differentiated product offerings with specific designs or to create styles with more color for aesthetically pleasing personal care and hygiene products.

Additional Unique Product Offerings


Machine Direction Stretch Nonwovens (MDXA)
  • LYCRA® nonwoven laminate with outstanding machine direction stretch and recovery performance
  • Breathable, soft, fabric-like drape and hand
  • Tailored to suit individual applications
  • Appropriate for various applications, including hygiene, medical, apparel and cosmetics
  • Commercial production capability
  • Suitable for apparel and healthcare applications
  • Available on tubes or beams
  • Rubber replacement where seam slippage due to finish oils is an issue
  • Lower decitex available— starting with 235 dtx
Specialized Programs and Collaborations

The LYCRA HyFit® brand has a variety of programs designed to improve operations, processes and product quality, as well as provide opportunities to explore new polymers and technologies. Additionally, we work with industry associates and technology leaders to develop innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Research and Development

The LYCRA HyFit® brand continues to invest in research and development for the hygiene industry with the goals of:

  • Improving our current offering
  • Commercializing new polymer and fiber formulations
  • Developing new stretch materials

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