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Flawless Construction

LYCRA® fiber

Since its introduction in 1958, LYCRA® fiber has been utilized in a wide array of clothing and accessories. LYCRA® fiber’s exceptional elasticity and shape retention dramatically improve a garment’s comfort and fit: swimwear stays in place, intimate apparel fits like the first time every time, and hosiery keeps you moving freely all-day long. Starting in the 1980s, LYCRA® fiber has transformed diapers and other personal hygiene products. Today, LYCRA HyFit® fiber is a distinct product specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers within the hygiene industry.

Freedom of Movement

Consumers around the world have confirmed that products made with LYCRA® fiber are simply more comfortable to wear. Diapers and incontinence products featuring components with LYCRA HyFit® fiber have excellent stretch and recovery to improve containment and confidence for a wide range of sizes.

Skin Health

LYCRA® fiber is latex-free and unaffected by common substances such as urine, perspiration, lotions, soaps or detergents. Numerous human patch tests* have shown no reports of skin irritation or sensitization by any LYCRA® fiber.

* Shelanski and Shelanski, or Modified Draize, repeated Insult Patch Test protocol with at least 100 human subjects each.


When discretion and comfort are highly important to a consumer, only LYCRA HyFit® fiber will do. The fiber allows garment designs to be thin and discreet with superior fit.

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