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The roots of Kipas Holding date back to Kahramanmaras Iplik Pamuk A.S. yarn manufacturing company that was founded in 1984. Under the guidance of its industrial experience of nearly 35 years, Kipas Holding bases its primary mission on high-quality production, efficient and well-orchestrated human resources, unconditional customer satisfaction in marketing and sales, respect to the environment and human, investing in advanced technologies and technical innovation and operational dynamism.

With the experience we have from yarn manufacturing, we started fabric production in 1996, followed by a denim factory in 2003.

Integrated textile plants owned by Kipas group companies from cotton to denim garment are the preferred suppliers of the world's leading brands, with an annual production capacity including 140 thousand tonnes of yarn, 80 million meters of fabric.

With the strength we get from our vertical set up, we are working on sustainable projects with our selected clients. Our main aim is to create a circle that allows us to close the loop and give nature more than we get. It is our duty to protect our environment. As Kipas, we promised to plant half a million trees in 2021 alongside our projects to be carbon-neutral like 100% pre-consumer recycle, Innootech, indigo recycle, Omega finish, and so forth. We aim to become carbon negative by planting trees half a million. 

It's in our hands to shape the history of the future to be rewritten with a different perspective, We're in this together to build experiences of the future. Make good things happen today, since tomorrow is here.


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Mill, Knitter (Fabric, Seamless or Legwear)
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Woven fabrics
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Cellulosic , Synthetic
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