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Ever since 1931, the Polli Family has been at the Company. This has not only ensured continuity but has also favoured a natural propensity for innovation. This mindset is an intrinsic part of the firm’s DNA.

No achievement has been too great to slow them down. Theirs is an experience in constant evolution, and the Company is backed up and driven by motivation the Polli family has never ceased to provide.

Thanks to a process of ongoing innovation, M.I.T.I. continues to stand out on the market and is particularly appreciated for the meticulous attention it gives to details in order to guarantee high-performing products and service quality.


Company Type
Mill, Knitter (Fabric, Seamless or Legwear)
Fabric/Garment type
Circular knits , Warp knits
Other capabilities
Stretch warp-knit , Compressive circular knit , Recycled warp-knit , High performance fabrics
Product group
Market geography


Certificates & Labels