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If you are seeking a reliable business partnership for stretch knitting fabric, we at Quanzhou Shining Fabrics Co., Ltd will be your preferred choice, providing you with high satisfaction.

Quanzhou Shining Fabrics Co., Ltd, located in Shishi City, Fujian Province, is one of the world's leading stretch knitting fabric manufacturers. Our comprehensive product lines offer one-stop solutions. 

Our focus at Quanzhou Shining Fabrics is on integrating research & development while innovating and creating new sports fabrics widely used in mid-to-high-end yoga, running, cycling, dance, and casual sportswear collections to meet global market demands and ensure compliance with OEKO-Tex Standard 100 and Global Recycling Standard (GR) environmental protection certifications.  

Our efforts at Quanzhou Shining Fabrics to help brands improve competitively by continuously upgrading our stretch athletic fabrics and improving performance have made us a consumer favorite in the sports fabrics industry, particularly in the following categories: athleisure, jackets, and outerwear, seamless leggings, recycled fabrics, sport bra fabrics, sustainable fabrics, thermal fabrics, top functional fabrics, t-shirts, and yoga fabrics. 

We at Quanzhou Shining Fabrics have a modern stretch athletic fabric textile physics laboratory and a variety of weft-knitting double-sided machines with high-density needles. We will continue to develop new circular knits, fleece fabrics, print technologies, and warp knits for athletic and athleisure wear.

Our spandex (elastane) sports fabrics are exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.

We at Quanzhou Shining Fabrics often collaborate with upstream raw material manufacturers, garment manufacturers, and brand owners to work together on researching and developing new stretch sports fabrics. We continue to learn and discuss from excellent and top companies in the industry to tirelessly develop new spandex (elastane) athletic fabrics and new products. Through our unremitting efforts, we continuously help customers improve their sportswear fabric to provide continuous high performance to set them apart.

Helping our customers enhance their brand value is at the heart of what we do. View our Quanzhou Shining Fabrics mill showroom to request your knitted sports fabric samples and place your orders today! 




Company Type
Mill, Knitter (Fabric, Seamless or Legwear)
Fabric/Garment type
Circular knits , Fleece , Print technology , Rib , Warp knits
Other capabilities
Stock Service , Short Lead Time
Product group
Recycled Fabrics , Sport Yoga Fabrics , Sustainable Fabrics , Thermal Fabrics , Top Functional Fabrics , End-uses: Leggings & Bras, T-Shirts & Outwear, Jackets, Athleisure garments
Market geography
China , EU , Asia , USA , Australia

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    Intimate Apparel


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