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Shanghai Yongzi Fashion Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a seamless fabric manufacturer in Shanghai, China. Our primary focus is designing, developing, and producing seamless targeted support fabric for mold cups, bras, underwear, shapewear, sports bras, sportswear, and leggings.

Shanghai Yongzi Fashion Co., Ltd. has become Shanghai's most influential Chinese underwear manufacturing company. Our headquarters is in the beautiful Songjiang Sheshan High-tech Park, and our branch offices are in Lu'an, Anhui, and Binhai, Jiangsu.

Our seamless support fabrics are exported to Japan, Europe, the United States, and other countries and regions. Shanghai Yongzi Fashion Co., Ltd. is the world's most advanced underwear fabric manufacturer with its independent research and development capabilities, product design, fabric process innovation, and preparation so that technology can empower products and transform China's underwear industry.

Our collections include the following seamless targeted support fabric innovations:

  • Size-inclusive underwear 
  • Jelly Gel underwear 
  • 3D soft silicone support underwear        

Shanghai Yongzi Fashion Co., Ltd. promotes the development of China's seamless targeted support fabric underwear industry in a more environmentally friendly, functional, and humanized direction. 

Shanghai Yongzi Fashion Co., Ltd. has mastered several core underwear patent technologies and obtained 195 authorized patents, including 22 invention patents.  Relying on steady development and strong innovation capabilities, Shanghai Yongzi Fashion Co., Ltd. has won more than 30 social honors and the titles of "Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise" and "Shanghai Specialized and New Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" three consecutive times. 

Other social honors include:

  • Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Enterprise
  • Songjiang District Patent Work Demonstration Enterprise
  • Songjiang District Advanced Private Enterprise
  • Songjiang District Enterprise Technology Center
  • Songjiang District Civilized Unit
  • Songjiang District Commercial Secret Protection Demonstration Site

Our underwear fabric provides light-targeted support while seamlessly shaping the body.

The use of LYCRA FitSense® print technology eliminates molded bones or extra seams that restrict movement and cause discomfort, achieving a fusion of function, movement, and fashion while making underwear more breathable and comfortable.

Shanghai Yongzi Fashion Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in China to use LYCRA FitSense® print technology and achieve mass production skillfully.






Company Type
Mill, Knitter (Fabric, Seamless or Legwear)
Fabric/Garment type
Other capabilities
Annual production reaches 20 million pieces/year
Product group
Molded Cups , 1/2 Cup Bra , Vest-style Adhesive Bras with Dispensing Technology , LYCRA® FITSENSE Technology , Jelly Glue Technology , 3D Flocked Silicone Technology
Market geography

Garment Category Application


    Intimate Apparel